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Over the last decade, technology has changed forever. From the advent of multimedia messaging app and music streaming to the ever-changing platforms offered by social media, the way we interact with technology is more varied than ever before.For our cover story we’ve taken on the unenviable, although necessary task of showcasing the successes of tech barons and moguls.

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India to have the World’s First Hyperloop System

Typically, a journey from Mumbai to Pune could take up to 3.5 hours. But with the Hyperloop project, the first-of-its-kind in the world, thi...

Sexualized Female Game Characters Don’t Make Gamers Sexists, New Study Says

The latest gaming consoles and titles often dominate talk among teenagers and adults at public gatherings aside from topping the wish lists ...

New Android Malware for Banking Apps steal passwords by recording screens

With people’s security consciousness skewed towards the personal computer, cybercriminals are now turning to Android malware for financial f...

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Powerbeats Pro Review: Outstanding Sound Quality, Smart and Comfortable

Headphone lovers prioritize some exceptional qualities while looking out for a headphone. They include the headphone’s ability to pair quick...

Best Smart Thermostats 2019

While it may sound like a luxury getting yourself one of the best smart thermostats 2019, lets also recognize that a smart thermostat is all...

New Ipad Pro 2018 Review: The Tablet That Won’t Be Easy To Beat

Apple unveiled two super swish new iPad Pros: 11-inch and 12.9-inch powerful tools as successors of the 9.7-inch iPad it released earlier th...

Latest Business Articles

Rising Stars in VR

Thought you were way ahead of the curve? Think again. There’s a whole load of entrepreneurs and industry leaders who’re making staggering ad...

Will the Artificial Moon shine bright enough in Saudi Arabia’s futuristic Neom city?

In Saudi Arabia, the only way to live in the present is by adopting the ways of the past. Even today, life in Saudi Arabia remains unchanged...

Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin: Moving Heavy Industries To Space

“I have a business meeting with NASA executives in Mars next month but I wish the agency would move the venue to its center in Florence, Moo...

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