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With creative destruction in mind, we bring to you a list of the most influential young guns in tech who’ve shaped the world with technical change and entrepreneurial innovation. TECHNOWIZE 40 under 40 looks at disruptors, innovators, artists and rebels – all of whom have built something new and different, or simply disrupted the archaic way things were done.

Latest Technology Articles

2018 Smart Computer Accessory: Best Wireless Mouse Available in the Market

Who wants the cords to dangle like a needy spider-plant? Wireless gadget mobility is an all-pervading trend and our computer mouse is not le...

Lenovo Z5 is the First "All Screen" Phone

Lenovo VP, Chang Cheng teases a new phone that seems to be the first "all screen phone" on Weibo, China's social network. The luxury-looking...

iPhone SE 2 Release Date, Specs and Price Info Leaked

The iPhone SE 2 release date rumors are continuously sprouting, yet nothing is clear about the upcoming Apple model. A recent report by Japa...

Latest Reviews Articles

Lenovo Mirage Solo Review: A cordless VR headset with Google WorldSense tracking

Google’s collaboration with Lenovo in the creation of the Mirage Solo VR headset has been hugely successful. Aside from cutting the cord, Go...

Apple iPad 2018 Review: A Versatile Tool for Students and Professionals

Apple's iPad 2018 is a very significant release from the company. It takes care of a little of what Apple has been missing in the market for...

The Versatile Microsoft Surface Pro with LTE is Open for All

Microsoft Surface Pro with LTE is now available for all consumers on Microsoft online store and a few brick and mortar stores. The pre-order...

Latest Business Articles

LG Starts Rolling Out LG G7 ThinQ Globally, Debuts in South Korea Today

LG’s flagship Smartphone of this year has arrived in the market. LG G7 ThinQ is officially released in South Korea today, May 18th. The Kor...

Google Acquires Cask Data, Velostrata to Strengthen its Cloud Platform

Google Inc is taking its cloud service offerings more seriously in present times than any other. Google Cloud has acquired Cask Data Inc, a ...

Cambridge University myPersonality quiz app harvested intimate details of 3m Facebook users

Facebook Inc. has launched an investigation into another app created by University of Cambridge academics after it scraped data of millions ...

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