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With creative destruction in mind, we bring to you a list of the most influential young guns in tech who’ve shaped the world with technical change and entrepreneurial innovation. TECHNOWIZE 40 under 40 looks at disruptors, innovators, artists and rebels – all of whom have built something new and different, or simply disrupted the archaic way things were done.

Latest Technology Articles

World’s First Robotic Kitchen Restaurant, Spyce, Opens Up in Boston

A group of four MIT engineers has opened up one of the world’s first robotic kitchen restaurant, Spyce in Boston. The team describes the inn...

Adobe Acquires Magento Commerce for a Whooping $1.68 Billion, Boosts Experience Cloud Business

Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq: ADBE) announced on Monday that it is taking over Magento Commerce, a market leader in e-commerce platfor...

NVIDIA Researchers Train Robots to Learn Human Behavior by Observing Humans

Perhaps observation is the best teacher to learn from, and the easiest form of learning is to imitate. NVIDIA researchers have adopted this ...

Latest Reviews Articles

Lenovo Mirage Solo Review: A cordless VR headset with Google WorldSense tracking

Google’s collaboration with Lenovo in the creation of the Mirage Solo VR headset has been hugely successful. Aside from cutting the cord, Go...

Apple iPad 2018 Review: A Versatile Tool for Students and Professionals

Apple's iPad 2018 is a very significant release from the company. It takes care of a little of what Apple has been missing in the market for...

The Versatile Microsoft Surface Pro with LTE is Open for All

Microsoft Surface Pro with LTE is now available for all consumers on Microsoft online store and a few brick and mortar stores. The pre-order...

Latest Business Articles

Avocando Joins Competitor Food AI Startup

The UK-based food AI start-up has acquired the Germany-based competitor, Avocando. Whisk posted this announcement yesterday on the...

Microsoft acquires AI startup Semantic Machines

Microsoft has announced the acquisition of Berkeley AI startup Semantic Machines to bolster its AI offerings and build machines with an adva...

LG Starts Rolling Out LG G7 ThinQ Globally, Debuts in South Korea Today

LG’s flagship Smartphone of this year has arrived in the market. LG G7 ThinQ is officially released in South Korea today, May 18th. The Kor...

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