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Our year-end issue is brimming with stories of emerging technologies and startups that will impact our everyday lives. ‘The Next-Gen Rainmakers’ is about the next wave of innovators who’re making the tech economy tick. The value of their products and companies are continuing to surge as investors latch onto the next ‘iPod’ or ‘Facebook.’

Latest Technology Articles

Model Rocket Launchers for Beginners

Model rockets are very popular among space enthusiasts, both adults and kids since they were invented in 1950. The model rockets operate on ...

Latest Reviews Articles

Samsung S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite Review

Building on the legacy of its Galaxy series, Samsung Electronics recently launched its Galaxy S10 Lite and Galaxy Note 10 Lite smart devices...

Powerbeats Pro Review: Outstanding Sound Quality, Smart and Comfortable

Headphone lovers prioritize some exceptional qualities while looking out for a headphone. They include the headphone’s ability to pair quick...

Best Smart Thermostats 2019

While it may sound like a luxury getting yourself one of the best smart thermostats 2019, lets also recognize that a smart thermostat is all...

Latest Business Articles

Deepfake: When Seeing Isn’t Believing

Picture this: You click on a PornHub clip and see your face appear in a pornographic video. The clip looks extremely realistic but, of cours...

Using AI as a tool for social justice

Technology has played huge roles in global development, mostly in reducing human efforts and addressing commercial challenges. But these imp...

Alphabet's Wing Are Growing

On-demand drone delivery service is inarguably a key lifeline in providing the fastest deliveries in the future. And while a good number of ...

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