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This current issue of Technowize looks into the emerging technology, including some elite tech projects debuting in 2019, its immediate impacts and global responses in terms of judicious use of some of the already existing and promising tech. Artificial intelligence – the famous technology powering most of the recent advances was reviewed as a tool that could fix social justice.

Latest Technology Articles

How Undersea Robots Are Helping Humans in Saving the Great Barrier Reef

Climate change and pollution have damaged coral reefs world over. Elevated sea temperatures, associated with global warming has resulted in ...

UPS drone delivery service kicks off in North Carolina

UPS drone delivery service has beaten all odds to make first commercial flights in North Carolina, transporting medical samples between vari...

Qualcomm’s standalone VR headsets will also connect to PCs

Qualcomm is edging close to introducing one of the first VR headsets that will function as a standalone mobile headset and also connect to P...

Latest Reviews Articles

Best Smart Thermostats 2019

While it may sound like a luxury getting yourself one of the best smart thermostats 2019, lets also recognize that a smart thermostat is all...

New Ipad Pro 2018 Review: The Tablet That Won’t Be Easy To Beat

Apple unveiled two super swish new iPad Pros: 11-inch and 12.9-inch powerful tools as successors of the 9.7-inch iPad it released earlier th...

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 Review: A Massive Performance Boost

Microsoft introduced Surface Laptop last year – what everyone has been expecting. And the unit, which is Microsoft’s first laptop, became on...

Latest Business Articles

Apple could introduce a 16-inch MacBook Pro and a 31-inch 6K monitor

Apple is planning to release a bigger MacBook Pro and a new display monitor, says analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who is quite reliable on leaks concer...

Facebook’s growth not troubled by scandals and privacy rage

There have been lots of back-to-back privacy scandals on Facebook for the past years, including a spread of negative news that won’t stop. H...

Facebook new feature lets you create petitions for social causes

Facebook for the past few years has been giving attention to community-based features. These features which include candidate info and town ...

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