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With creative destruction in mind, we bring to you a list of the most influential young guns in tech who’ve shaped the world with technical change and entrepreneurial innovation. TECHNOWIZE 40 under 40 looks at disruptors, innovators, artists and rebels – all of whom have built something new and different, or simply disrupted the archaic way things were done.

Latest Technology Articles

Corning Gorilla Glass 6 is About Survival of the Toughest

Corning Gorilla Glass, an integral component of premium smartphones, has moved a step ahead for delivering the highest durability. Corning I...

Father And Son Develop The World's First Full-Color 3D X-Ray

X-ray imaging is getting an amazing update after over 12 decades. The identification of bone fractures or breaks before now has been effecti...

Facebook To Create Own AI Chip, Joins League of Google, Apple, Baidu

Facebook Inc. enters the club of tech companies developing their own artificial intelligence (AI) chip. The social network giant hired Shahr...

Latest Reviews Articles

Android Go Powered Moto E5 Play Launched in Europe, Latin America

The Moto E series of Motorola Mobility LLC basically encases entry-level Smartphone, powered by Android 8.0 Oreo. The company unveiled three...

Latest Drones Flying in the Market in 2018

For a trendy tech-savvy individual, it seems now is the best time to invest in purchasing latest drones for yourself. Drones are not more a ...

Sony RX100 VI Camera: Your Holiday Buddy That Lets To Zoom Farther Into Horizon

Sony recently announced its sixth-generation of RX100 series of compact camera. The latest Sony RX100 VI looks and weighs similar to its pre...

Latest Business Articles

Microsoft is Doing Great in Gaming Business, Reveals FY18 Q4 Report

Microsoft Corporation’s 2018 fourth quarter result implicitly highlights a major trend - it is steadily growing in the gaming business. Anno...

Elon Musk, DeepMind Founders, and Others Pledge Not to Develop AI Weapon Systems

The Future of Life Institute announced today that over 160 companies and 2,400 individuals have signed a pledge not to develop lethal AI wea...

iPhone Sales Dips in India Despite New First-Half Sales Record

During an earnings call with analysts in May 2018, Apple Inc.’s CEO Tim Cook disclosed its record 2018 March quarter results. The company po...

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