We all know that an Android phone comes with built-in options for SMS messaging. However, you should think about the best text messaging apps that will be good for your Android phone for two major reasons: 1.) A lot of these messaging apps offer encryption, and 2.) Some offer features that make messaging more personal than ever.

If privacy is a concern then you should consider Signal Private Messenger, and if you want to chat from your desktop browser then WhatsApp or Mighty Text is the one for you. As you browse further, you’ll learn more about these messaging apps for Android and what makes each app unique.

Best Text Messaging Apps for Android

With these apps, you can secure fast and reliable messaging no matter where you are. Keep reading to find the best messaging apps that will resonate with your needs and preferences.

best messaging encrypted app

Image: WhatsApp

1. WhatsApp

This might be the best encrypted messaging app and the reasons for the popularity of this app are numerous. WhatsApp is a world-famous app that can support text chat, voice, video, and photo messaging. 

It is great for international messaging and it has robust security settings. This app is completely free to use, and you can download it easily. 

best messaging app for android

Image: Handcent Next SMS App

2. Handcent Next SMS

Handcent has been around since 2010, and this app never gets old. It had many design updates, and it represents one of the best apps when it comes to functionality and ease of use.

Handcent Next SMS has some great features, like theme support, group texts, spell checking, password protection, and more. It offers great security and it boasts several emojis and stickers. 

best text messaging apps

Image: Chomp App

3. Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS is a highly customizable text messaging app that offers some great features. There are numerous emojis, group messaging options, SMS blocking solutions, and MMS features. 

This third-party texting app is very versatile when it comes to design as well. It is also good for keeping your privacy intact. 

best messaging apps for Android

Image: Chomp App

4. Facebook Messenger

This might be the best messaging app for Android because it offers great functionality and some outstanding features. Facebook Messenger has a great design and it allows users to send messages, audio recordings, take photos, or share a location. 

All of these features are possible to use with this app that sets standards when it comes to messaging solutions. 

best text messaging apps

Image: Pulse SMS

5. Pulse SMS

Pulse SMS allows you to sync text messages between different devices. You can use the features on your tablet, phone, or computer. This app offers tons of different themes, sound effects, and GIFs. 

You can also send delayed messages and set the time when you want your messages to be sent to other users. There is a great user interface that comes with this app. 

best text messaging android apps

Image: Textra SMS

6. Textra SMS

As the first text messaging app that is known to have the new Material Design, Textra SMS offers great features and good customization options. 

You can use features like SMS blocking, and you can send scheduled SMS texts. There are also 21 text sizes and a huge emoji database. 

the most secure messaging apps

Image: Google Messages 

7. Google Messages

Google Messages is also known by the previous name Android Messages. This app has several theming options, backup features, and a good search function. 

It is also good to know that the app drains the battery of the Android phone very quickly. This might be the reason to avoid it. However, it offers decent features and texting solutions. 

customizable text messaging app

Image: Signal Private Messenger

8. Signal Private Messenger

This app is very similar to other popular apps, like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and others. What sets this app apart is the security it offers to its users. 

This might be the most secure messaging app on the list, and that is all possible due to the great security protocols that are used during the designing of the app. 

the most secure messages app

Image: Mighty Text

9. Mighty Text

With the Mighty Text app, you can easily sync text messages between different devices, including phones, computers, and tablets. 

There are also features like message scheduling and sharing of videos and photos. The app has a great Gmail plugin.

messaging apps

Image: Yaata SMS

10. Yaata SMS

Yaata SMS is one of the newest apps for text messaging and it offers a huge number of features. You can schedule message sending, have a group chat, or send an MMS message. 

The users can also backup and restore the settings, which makes the app very functional. The app has Material Design that looks and feels good. 

The mentioned messaging apps are great in design and functionality. You can now select the best messaging app for Android and elevate your texting experience to the next level.