From booking flight tickets to reserving a local guide for a remote site, travel apps have become a perfect companion to plan out any type of vacation – solo or group packages, long vacation or weekend getaway, adventurous or romantic outing and so on.

Here is a list of best travel apps of the year covering each element of the journey, whether it’s near or far. From finding the perfect vacation destination to booking tickets and hotels on discounted rates to what essentials must go inside the traveling bag, download these top traveling apps to plan your much-awaited trips hassle-free.

Best Travel App to Discover Right Holiday Destination: Guides by Lonely Planet

If traveling is your life, then Guides by Lonely Planet is the top traveling app to discover the heart of global exotic destinations. Dubbed as a trustworthy local guide, this one-in-all travel app lists down popular sight-seeing locations, specific hotels, food places, off-beat spots recommended by expert guides. The guides are those people who have actually dug out the city in and out.

The Lonely Plant app also gets offline maps feature in case you are out of network connectivity. In addition, there is a support to over 10,000 phrases for 19 local languages including Spanish, French, Japanese and Chinese. So, you easily converse with locals in their own language. This audio phrasebook is also accessible in offline mode.

Best Travel App for Tracking Traffic: RoadTrippers

RoadTrippers is the best traveling app for the explorers who prefer enjoying the road journey over the destination. The app comprises suggestions of millions of restaurants, hotels, extra-ordinary roadside hubs, national park, scenic drives, quirky attractions at the next stop during the road trip. The app has a catalog of ‘Ultimate Offbeat Guide to’ several cities including San Francisco, Chicago and Colon.

This app lets you redesign your planned trip on the go and share the itinerary with your friends. Plus, the place you loved or saved during the journey automatically gets synced across the devices. It is the best travel app for people who love to take the road less traveled.

Best travel apps RoadTrippers

RoadTripper Screenshot. Source: RoadTripper

Best Travel App for Organized Travel: TripCase

It is an app for organizing all your traveling details and plans in one box. TripCase is one of the travel apps needed before your vacations start, at the airport and also at the destination point.

Firstly, it features tracking flight schedules, airport terminals and the gateway terminal. If there is any change in the plane’s information, it will send a notification to the user. In fact, the travel app also alerts the change in schedule to the people with whom the user has shared the particular itinerary. It even offers a real-time view of the seats available in the flight. The app aids managing hotel bookings and booking rental cars at the destination.

Best travel apps TripCase

TripCase Screenshot. Source: TripCase

Best Travel App for Air Journey: Mobile Passport

Traveling abroad is all cool but the most frustration of that journey could be a long queue at Customs. But when you travel to the US, you may avoid this situation.

Authorized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, with Mobile Passport, passengers can fast forward the most time-consuming activity – filling up immigration formalities on the app itself as soon as they step on the US territory.

Best travel app Mobile-Passport

Mobile Passport Screenshot. Source: Mobile Passport

Best Travel App for Browsing Airports: FLIO

FLIO is a must-app for flyers who also love browsing airports while traveling. No need to download any other airport/flight related apps, if you have this one.

This travel app is the official partner of more than 300 airports, this app provides more offers than just the flight and terminal information. It supports real-time flight tracking, booking parking space at the airport in advance and reserve airport lounges. This top travel app even screens promotional offers from cafes, restaurants and retails stores situated inside the airport. FLIO has also collaborated with and offers the lowest price while booking a cab from the airport.

The in-built boarding pass scanner on FLIO is another reason to download this app. The scanner instantly decodes the QR code on the boarding pass so a traveler can use the information to easy access to border control, aircraft, duty-free shops and lounges.

Best travel app FLIO

FLIO Screenshot. Source: FLIO

Best Travel App for Booking Hotels: Trivago

Next up is the hotel hunting step, Germany-based Travel Company, Trivago is a leading app to browse hotels, compare their prices across numerous booking sites and book rooms worldwide at the best prices.

It deals with over 200 booking sites and is active in more than 190 nations presenting millions of hotel rooms to choose from. So the best thing about Trivago is that this is the one-stop app for searching hotels available at variable rates on different sites.

Best travel apps Trivago

Trivago Screenshot. Source: Trivago

Best Travel App for Preparing Trip: PackPoint

What makes PackPoint a top traveling app of the year is it literally pack bags for you. Just fill in the details such as traveler gender, destination city name, duration of trip and type of travel – business or leisure.

The travel buddy app will then identify what all things must go in the baggage, taking into consideration weather of at the location and activities planned in the trip. It will create a luggage checklist which you can edit as you start packing.

Best travel app PackPoint

PackPoint Screenshot. Source: PackPoint

Best Travel App for Car Booking: Uber

The one-tap ride-hailing app, Uber is synonymous with a taxi. It lets you go anywhere at any time – day or night. There is no need to check out trains or buses timings or tricked by local drivers while traveling abroad. Uber lets you track the road taken and offers a digital copy of the payment estimated on standard rates at the destination point.

Though Uber is by far the most popular travel app, one may not find it in every nation. In that case, ask your hotel staff to recommend the top local ride-hailing app for comfortable travel within the city or nearby location. The other players in the same market are – Lyft, Grab, Arro, Didi and many more.

Best travel apps Uber

Uber Screenshot. Source: Uber

Best Travel App to Convert Currencies: Currency Converter Plus

A much-required app required for traveling in foreign lands. Currency Converter Plus is a top app for instantly calculating currency conversions at real-time exchange rates from AccuRate. It supports all global currencies and even Bitcoin, plus precious metals including gold, silver, palladium, and platinum.

The Currency Converter Plus app also works offline when on airplane or offline mode. It displays historic rate charts ranging from one week to one year. The most interesting part of this must-have travel app is that the user can view various currency conversions all together, thanks to in-built multiple currency fields feature.

Best travel apps Currency-Converter

Currency Converter Screenshot. Source: Currency Converter

Best Travel App for Food Recommendations: ChefsFeed

This app could be an addiction to food and drink lovers. ChefsFeed features the best dining and beverages recommendations from none other than best of the professionals in the field. It publishes stories and creative videos of recipes and offers a new way to choose a new restaurant, cafes, and breweries.

The food app suggests the best dishes, coffee, cocktails, wines, and beer available near the user. It also aids to plan a perfect dinner date or lunch with the boss. ChefsFeed gets expert suggestions from renowned Chefs, bartenders, sommeliers and presently covers almost whole of North America.

Best travel app ChefsFeed

ChefsFeed Screenshot. Source: ChefsFeed