Recreational marijuana is legal in ten states and more than forty states have legalized medical marijuana. A new industry is burgeoning and technology is here to support it in every way possible. The days of buying weed from a shady person on a deserted neighborhood corner are gone. Thanks to these cannabis tech startups, now you can get weed delivered at your doorstep.

Cannabis Startups

Technowize takes a look at the top cannabis startups who are at the forefront of this growing industry. From helping you grow weed at home to giving medical advise, these ten cannabis tech companies are the best in their niche-market.

Eaze Cannabis Startups

Eaze has received a total funding amount of 52 million from a number of investors. Think of it as the Amazon for medical marijuana. They partner with dispensaries and deliver weed at your doorstep. It has a wide selection of marijuana products, from edibles to body care products infused with THC or CBD.

LeafLink Cannabis Startups

This cannabis tech startup helps retailers with the management aspects of the weed business. They offer a host of business solutions including CRM, reporting tools, and streamlined ordering. LeafLink provides services to more than 450 cannabis brands and 2,000 retailers.

Baker Cannabis Startups

Baker is a CRM and automation platform for dispensaries having over 1.2 million customers is the US and Canada. This cannabis tech startups recently launched an application program interface that allows its ancillary technologies to better interact with Baker’s system. This company has acquired almost 12 million in funding.

Headset Cannabis Startups

Headset helps cannabis businesses take informed decisions through data with their analytics platform. They help all segments of the marijuana business – retailers, cultivators or processors, stay ahead of product trends and seize the business opportunities that come their way. Recently, Headset has formed alliance with Nielsen and Deloitte to provide insights into the legal cannabis market.

MassRoots Cannabis Startups

MassRoots is a social media platform for 420 friendly people. Here people can find dispensaries near them, post photos of their collection, get reviews and also find smoking buddies. It is a community of more than 1 million weed enthusiasts. In 2017, MassRoots was a part of the group of buyers who purchased High Times – the leading publisher in cannabis culture.

New Frontier Data Marijuana Startups

New Frontier Data offers real-time data solutions to cannabis investors and other cannabis tech startups. It publishes research reports and market insights frequently that help entrepreneurs and investors in the industry take informed decisions.

HelloMD Marijuana Startups

HelloMD is the largest cannabis health and wellness company. Here people can connect with doctors, get recommendations of medial cannabis and find dispensaries selling medical cannabis. Users can also shop from HelloMD’s extensive collection of marijuana-infused products.

Green Bits Marijuana Startups

Green Bits is a retail management and point-of-sale platform that helps retailers grow their business. It helps them streamline store operations, manage inventory and meet customer demand with speed and accuracy. It serves more than 500 retailers and operates in five states with nearly $1.4 billion in sales.

Canndescent Marijuana Startups

Canndescent is hailed as the number one flower brand for luxury cannabis. Its flagship products include vape pens with rechargeable batteries and cannabis oils. It has received nearly 30 million in finding since its inception in 2015.

Vangst Marijuana Startups

Vangst is a recruitment platform that connects people looking for jobs with recruiters in the cannabis industry. As a leading recruitment platform in this industry, Vangst has helped hundreds of cannabis tech companies in filling their talent requirements and thousands of job seekers find lucrative careers in this growing industry.