Ambient noise or background noise is any other sound other than the primary sound around you. It is a kind of interference and is an essential aspect of controlling noise levels. The ambient noise includes environmental noises and sounds created by devices in an environment. Many people use ambient noises (mostly environmental noise) to distract from primary noise or to help in creating focus and calmness.


Ambient Apps for Background Noise

Nowadays, there are many ambient apps available online, which help a person to drain out the unnecessary noise and increase focus and attention. Some of the popular ambient noise apps available are:

Binaural App

This white noise app creates binaural beats- binaural beats are when two separate tones of less than 40 Hz are played at the same time. This creates an auditory illusion for the listener. The Binaural app is helpful as it creates ‘brainwave entertainment’- according to research, listening to binaural beats causes brain waves to sync with the frequency of the binaural beats. The app has an easy interface and allows the listener to switch between various binaural beats depending on their activity quickly. App 

This app has beautiful soundscapes that improve mental performance within 15 minutes of its use. The listener can choose from activities like focusing, relaxing, meditating, napping, or sleeping, and app automatically offers a soundtrack based on the short profile the listener has created while signing up. They can also select from the soundtracks available like rain, night-sounds, or electronic noises.

Coffitivity App

This app takes you to the environment of a coffee shop- it lets the listener enjoy the sounds which are usually heard in a coffee shop, a library or a bistro. One can listen to cups clinking, scholarly discussions and usual sounds at a cafe. According to research, the usual chatter heard in a bustling coffee shop, usually at around 70 decibels, can easily distract people just enough to think creatively.

myNoise App

This white noise app has a wide variety of sounds- from natural sounds, atmospheres, voices, tonal drones, industrial sounds, soundscapes, and transports, there is always something for everyone. There is also a noise color mixer in the app, which allows the listener to create their preferred soundscape.

Naturespace App

As the name suggests, this background noise app is about nature sounds. It focuses on natural tones and tracks, like ‘Soft Forest Rain’, ‘Campfire Hypnosis’, and ‘Liquid Sunshine.’ The app terms their records as ‘Holographic Audio’- 3D sounds that are ‘a versatile solution for creating a calm and balanced mental state by transporting the listener to the benevolent natural environments of the world.’ The ambient app also has sleep timers for people who want to doze off to the sweet sounds of ocean waves crashing on the seashore.

Noisli App

This ambient app lets the listener become a noise DJ, who can mix and match sounds according to their preferences. The background noise app allows listeners to blend 16 different sounds, like rain, thunder, wind, the sound of a train on train tracks, the crackling of a fireplace, a fan, summer night, pink noise, and brown noise—to create a beautiful and personalized soundscape to help them focus and be relaxed.

OmmWriter App

This app combines writing and background noise where users can write in a distraction-free writing environment backed by a Zen-like soundtrack. OmmWriter focuses mostly on the process of writing and audio is an added feature for helping the listener to focus and be creative. Writers can also choose their writing background, soundtrack, and key sounds, or select OmmWriter’s defaults to keep them focused solely on writing.

Rainy Mood App

This nature sound app brings a high-quality recording of a thunderstorm on a 30-minute loop. If a person loves thunderstorms, then this is the app! With a simple interface and a free signup, users can also add accompanying music to the rain if they wish to or can use features like adjusting the volume of rain, adding bird noises or even coffee shop chatter.

SimplyNoise App

This background sound app offers pure white noise, pink noise, and brown noise. As the noise available is a single sound without any background noises, the app can be handy when the listener wants to focus or draw out other loud noises entirely.