Presenting to you some of the most important tech news that you need to know right now. It includes major announcements and news from some of the tech giants around the world.

Most Important Tech News

Apple Economy Shudders As Mac Sales Slump

2016 is proving to be tough for Apple with every passing day. Just when the company hopes to have a great day ahead, troubles are ready to knock the door. As the PC sales suffer a decline in the recent quarter, Mac sales slump badly than anyone could ever imagine. The decline in Mac sales has resulted in weak PC economy everywhere. The iOS giant continues to combat a competitive economy, which is rising at a rapid pace. Apple is yet to refresh its Mac lineup. Shipments have started experiencing a massive decline since last year.

Former Rivals Shake Hands For Patent Licensing Deal

Former rivals Nokia and Samsung have reportedly backed each other, which for a matter of fact, has happened for the second time in the same year since the duo unveiled their plans regarding the expansion of their deal together, which they agreed in February 2016. According to this deal, both the giants will share specific patent portfolios with each other. The previous deal between these two companies covers an unspecified set of patents.

POKÉMON GO is Breaking The Internet

Pokémon Go is the brand new iteration of the famous Pokémon franchise. Unlike previous games, Pokémon Go is not for handheld consoles manufactured by Nintendo, it’s a free download game app for iOS and Android devices. Also, the game doesn’t work like previous versions of the same game, though, the goal remains the same, i.e. catch ’em all. It’s a smartphone and tablet game powered by augmented reality, which mixes the elements of the real world with the game. It uses the GPS and clock feature from the device in order to decide which character is to appear in the Pokémon Go game. It offers a great augment reality experience in the smartphones.

Google Acquires KIFI

Google loves acquiring companies. The search engine giant has now bought KIFI, which will continue assisting the company in building out fresh efforts in Google’s social apps like Spaces. The Android and search engine giant has hired a special team behind the acquiesced company. The startup used to build extensions in order to search and collect links shared on social app. The terms and conditions of the deal are not yet disclosed, but the team of the app will be joining Google to start working on Google’s chat app – Spaces.

Samsung Note7 Gets A Release Date

After what it feels like a very long wait, Samsung Electronics has taken named 2nd August 2016 as the release date for highly anticipated Samsung Note7.

UBER Plans To Suspend Service in Hungary

Tagged as controversy’s favorite child, Uber has decided to suspend its services in Hungary following a recent government legislation, which is making the ride-hailing service too difficult to operate. From July 24, the company will be suspending its Uber X service in Budapest.

Apple To Launch Reality TV Show Planet Of The Apps

Previously, the iOS giant had announced working on a TV show, which was claimed to be unscripted, about the app developers. Now the show has received a funny, yet a pretty good name – The Planet of the Apps. Casting calls have been launched this week seeking 100 of the most talented app developers in the world.

ASUS Becomes First TO Take Home The Snapdragon 821 Processor

ASUS ZenFone Deluxe, which was launched in Hong Kong and Taiwan on Tuesday, is awaiting its release in India and the US. The best thing about the ASUS launch in these two countries will be that the smartphone will arrive equipped with recently unveiled Snapdragon 821 processor, the successor of Snapdragon 820 that was released earlier this year and managed to become an instant hit.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Fails to Pass Water Test

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active was advertised as a rugged and water-resistant smartphone in the S7 series, which can survive in 5 ft deep water for around 30 minutes. A team at Consumer Reports decided to test the claims and it turned out as the smartphone couldn’t survive in water as per the heavy claims made by the company. The device simply stopped working and a few green-colored blisters appeared on the screen after it was taken out from the water tank.

Iphone Slips To Fifth Rank in China

Mac sales slump is not the only cause of worry for Apple. The company has lost a huge amount of market share in the China’s smartphone economy. The decline was followed by the drop in Apple sales in May. Counterpoint Research data suggested that decline in iPhone sales has pushed the iOS giant at fifth rank in the Chinese smartphone market. Apple is lagging behind local manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, and Huawei.