Google Calendar

Courtesy: Google

As Google Calendar turns 10 today, it has come up with a goals feature, which will make you work towards your goals in your spare time.

Google Calendar Has Got Plans

Let’s face it: We all have been delaying or forgetting our goals from time to time, may it be reading more books, working out regularly, learning a new language, or starting a blog. As the New Year arrives, we all set some goals as a part of our New-Year resolution, but as January ends, the goals fade. And by the end of February, we don’t even remember what goals were we supposed to accomplish. Even when our goals really matter to us, it is really hard to achieve them as something comes up every day such as “I’ve got an important meeting to attend.”, “Going on a date.”, “My old friend is in town”, and we hardly get some time.

So the Goals feature in Google Calendar will let you find the spare time from your schedule and help you stick to your goal, once you add a personal goal to the calendar.

Goals create

Courtesy: Google

It is really easy to set up goals in the app. After you pick your goal, all you need to do is answer two question – “How often?” and “Best time?” As you answer those questions, Calendar will analyze your schedule and find the best windows to set time for that goal.

Goals reschedule

Courtesy: Google

And if you miss the session, because something unexpected came up, don’t worry; Calendar will reschedule it for later. If you add an event that is scheduled at a conflicting time as your goal, it will automatically search for some spare time to reschedule your goal. So if your boss wants you to stay back for a meeting, just defer a goal in the Google app and you are good to go.

The more you use the Calendar, it gets better at scheduling – you only need to edit, defer, or complete your goals, and Calendar will get better at picking some spare time. Suppose you usually defer a goal that is scheduled in the noon, then Calendar will move that goal to evening or some other time of the day.

You can download the Google Calendar app that is available for iOS and Android, and get ready to set your goals.