The 2023 Lexus RZ450e has been officially unveiled and it has started to rule the roads with elegance, polish and class — all dipped in luxury. For the well-known and the uninitiated, this is a rare combination that comes only with a Lexus. The brand has almost made the word luxury synonymous with its identity. All thanks to the wide range of top-notch luxury cars, it has churned out over the years.

We all know that the global auto industry has gained a massive boost in 2023, as the overall sales have spiked after a bad patch of more than two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic. And out of all segments, the growth of EV has shot up like nothing. It’s believed to be the future of auto. And along with four-wheelers electric bikes are also getting widespread reception, as we saw OLA Electric’s OLA S1 Air making serious inroads into the global markets, lately. 

The Lexus RZ450e 2023, which happens to be the first-ever Lexus battery electric vehicle, has gotten a nice feedback so far, from auto lovers spread across the globe. But how good is it in terms of all aspects? Does it really manage to carry the enormous weight of the Lexus legacy with flying colors? Let’s get along a quick ride with the all-new 2023 Lexus RZ450e and see the answers to these obvious questions coming in our way. Close your eyes. For, Lexus means ultimate luxury.

Lexus RZ450e 2023

If you are a Lexus fan and want to give the first EV from the luxury car brand a shot, you are good to go! [Image Credit: Lexus]

2023 Lexus RZ450e: Where Luxury Marries Consciousness

The year 2023 seems quite significant for Lexus, which is widely celebrated for redefining luxury time and again. Just a while ago, it rolled out the 2023 Lexus LS 500. And now with the Lexus RZ450e 2023, it seems to make a strong statement that it’s going to give its rivals a serious run for money in the battle for the bragging rights. 

What exactly does the brand-new luxury EV car bring to the table? Let’s walk through its major salient features to have a fair understanding about the latest offering from the Toyota-owned Lexus. Here we go! Please take note of the specifications minutely. 

2023 Lexus RZ450e Specifications

Model Name: 2023 Lexus RZ450e

Vehicle Type: front- and rear-motor, all-wheel-drive, 5-passenger, 4-door wagon


Premium w/18-inch wheels: $59,650; Premium w/20-inch wheels: $60,890; Luxury: $65,150


Front Motor: permanent-magnet synchronous AC, 201 hp, 196 lb-ft

Rear Motor: permanent-magnet synchronous AC, 107 hp, 124 lb-ft

Combined Power: 308 hp

Combined Torque: 320 lb-ft

Battery Pack: liquid-cooled lithium-ion, 63.4 kWh

Onboard Charger: 6.6 kW

Peak DC Fast-Charge Rate: 150 kW

Transmissions: direct-drive


Wheelbase: 112.2 in

Length: 189.2 in

Width: 74.6 in

Height: 64.4 in

Passenger Volume, F/R: 55/47 ft3

Cargo Volume, Behind F/R: 48/35 ft3

Curb Weight: 4600-4650 lb


60 mph: 4.8 sec

1/4-Mile: 13.0 sec

Top Speed: 99 mph


Combined/City/Highway: 95-107/102-115/87-98 MPGe

Range: 196-220 mi

In a nutshell, the freshly carved 2023 Lexus RZ450e manages to pull the challenge of retaining the legacy of Lexus off, but appears to have missed out on the par score of the EV quotient. Still, it has its own reasons to be vouched for. 

If you are a Lexus fan and want to give the first EV from the luxury car brand a shot, you are good to go! Have a joyride, as a Lexus is a Lexus, is a Lexus, is a Lexus, till the very end.