You know how it goes. At some point, you jump in the DNA testing bandwagon and order a 23andMe kit. You get the results in a few days only to find out you’ve unwittingly opened a can of promiscuous worms. Your father and Uncle David come to blows because the test says that Julie is not your cousin but your biological sister.

It’s understandably a very traumatic experience and one 23andMe wants you to encounter on this Father’s Day at a reduced price.

23andMe’s Health + Ancestry Kits test for wellness factors, carrier statuses, and health predispositions in addition to an ancestral analysis and ethnicity estimate. This test requires no blood or needles. Your father simply has to spit in the tube provided in the kit, ship it out, and in six to eight weeks, you’ll know if you have a half-sister somewhere in North Carolina.


23andMe – Why?

23andMe typically sell the kit for $199, but if you want your family to go ballistic on this Father’s Day you can do it just for the price of $149!

Happy Father’s Day – we’ll see you on r/TIFU. If not, we’ll assume the cousin you slept with in college has comatose you with a shovel.

If you’ve nabbed a Father’s Day gift thus far, congrats – you’re totally not screwed.