Smartphone Addiction

Have you ever imagined how much time we waste in a day, looking at our Smartphone screen? If you say 2 hours or something, you need to recalculate it, and, this time, more accurately. Let’s face it: we all are in an era, where every person is busy with their phones, half of the time. And the bad side is, we don’t even come to know about our Smartphone addiction until we keep a track of it.

We all have those addictive games and apps that constantly distract us. Now, paradoxically, we have Smartphone apps that will help you stop your Smartphone addiction. That is so ironic, right?

Here are some Smartphone apps that can stop you from getting distracted by your Smartphone:


If you struggle in keeping yourself from peeking at your phone, this app will reward you for leaving your phone untouched. When you feel that you are distracted and need to focus, simply open this app, it will plant a tree, and if you want to grow that tree, all you need to do is not touch your phone for 30 minutes. Voilà! You just grew a tree! (Figuratively)

This app is available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms. It is also available for browsers including Chrome and Firefox.


Offtime allows you to choose customized modes such as Work, Family, or Me Time so that you can access the apps that you require. Suppose you select Work Time, then it will block apps like Facebook, Instagram, and gaming apps. And when you select Me Time, it will keep you away from your Outlook and work emails, wouldn’t it be perfect for the weekend? This app makes sure that you are allowed to access the apps that you need and keeps you away from those that you don’t. This app is available for Android and iOS. It also displays accurate information on how much time you spend on your Smartphone. (In case, you are underestimating it!)


When it comes to ending your Smartphone addiction, Flipd does not believe in manipulating an app or two, it completely takes over your Smartphone. Your lock screen is replaced by few basic features like auto reply for text messages, and a list of emergency contact numbers, if you really need to make that call. This system can be implemented for up to 12 hours, and once you activate this, there’s no going back. (Restarting your Phone won’t help!) This app is currently available for Android, but an iOS version is coming soon. You can also use this app to “flip off” someone else’ phone from your device, remotely. So next time you find your kid stuck to his phone, go ahead and just flip off!