The search for ‘Best Cryptocurrency Wallets’, is rising by leaps and bounds, of late. More often than not, investors end up losing crypto assets worth millions due to the lack of knowledge about the best cryptocurrency wallets. Cryptocurrency is a new ball game altogether in the international financial market which calls for new ways to ensure safety.

The global crypto market rose exponentially over the last few years and reached astronomical figures during the Covid-19 pandemic, before witnessing a catastrophe last year. It should be noted that with the giant rise of the international crypto industry, phishing scams and crypto hacking too, grew by leaps and bounds. Reports of crypto frauds are at an all-time high, globally.

Hence, we need to embrace the extra cushion of caution to be fully-protected from such ghastly phishing attacks. There’s no reason to panic as there are some best crypto wallets in the market too. Presenting you Technowize’s list of 3 best cryptocurrency wallets to keep your crypto assets safe.

Best Cryptocurrency Wallets: The Ones to Safeguard Your Digital Assets

Just a month ago the massive Deribit hot-wallet hack shook the world as hackers managed to wipe out a staggering $28M before anyone could react. Taking every aspect into consideration, we have curated this list of best cryptocurrency wallets available at the moment. Let’s delve deeper with them in a detailed discussion.

Best Crypto Wallets

A wrong wallet can make your crypto assets susceptible to phishing attacks and other crypto frauds, wiping out your entire crypto portfolio in the process. [Image Credit: Freepik]

Ledger Nano S

This leading hardware wallet is one of the best cryptocurrency wallets available in the market. Ledger protects users from various potential phishing attacks by keeping their private keys inside a full-proof hardware device. The way it masterfully separates your easy-to-hack computer or smartphone from the private keys, makes it one of the most secured crypto wallets in the world.

With Ledger you can sell, buy, manage and exchange your crypto by accessing a single app. You can operate it through your desktop, tablet and smartphone. Rated as one of the best crypto wallets in the world, Ledger Nano S is compatible with more than 1500 tokens and 27 coins. Courtesy of the proprietary OS and Secure Element in the Ledger hardware wallet, you can enjoy the authority over your own private keys.

Trezor Hardware Wallet

Trezor seems to be among the club of safe crypto wallets as its hardware wallet gives you the room to do away with online providers, a process which turns out to be quite risky at times. The hardware wallet from Trezor assists you carefully to safely manage and trade your crypto assets. It also comes with an added layer of security bolstered with audits made by expert security researchers and verification by their track records.

The experience with Trezor’s hardware wallet seems absolutely seamless thanks to the user-friendly interface that’s intuitive and convenient. With the help of its offline backup, you can track your crypto assets within minutes.

Here’s an important piece of advice for you – if you intend make the whole setup even more secured then don’t create a digital copy of the seed that auto-generates whenever you are setting up your Trezor hardware wallet. Don’t worry, you can operate your wallet anytime using your personal 12-24 words recovery seed.

Trezor supports almost 1000 coins and goes the extra mile to safeguard your assets with ultimate precision by an array of security measures like encrypted cloud storage, U2F authentication, Bitcoin-only firmware and Encryption via GPG. This act on the part of Trezor speaks volumes about why it’s dubbed as one of the best cryptocurrency wallets in the entire world.

SimpleHold Non-custodial Wallet

Seen as one of the top cryptocurrency wallets, SimpleHold comes with AES encrypted backups, which guarantees 360-degree protection of your crypto assets. You can easily access over 200 cryptocurrencies in a completely hassle-free experience.

SimpleHold is certainly one of the best crypto wallets, which allows you to keep NFTs and enjoy wallet-integrated crypto swap to grab the most fascinating deals on offer in the market. Despite being hot in nature, it can be interlinked with cold wallets like Ledger and Trezor for your ease.

Most-importantly, SimpleHold strikes fine balance with DApps via WalletConnet. Though it’s normally available as a mobile app meant for Android and iOS platforms, it can be accessed from desktop platforms through browser extensions for Chrome, Brave, Firefox and Opera.

Choose Wisely to Store Safely

The selection of the right crypto wallet (one from the most secured crypto wallets) is extremely important, failing which can see you incur heavy losses. A wrong wallet can make your crypto assets susceptible to phishing attacks and other crypto frauds, wiping out your entire crypto portfolio in the process. You can choose anyone from these three best cryptocurrency wallets to securely store your crypto assets.