Apps Like Tiktok

Tiktok is a sensation, with people creating attractive short videos and sharing them across. Tiktok has emerged as one of the best video sharing platforms available today. Recently, with merging with the TikTok app, video sharing has become more popular, and a massive number of video creators have emerged in its wake. It provides a sensational music library, and also a diverse selection of video editing tools and features. But this doesn’t mean you must shy away from using other apps like TikTok. And there are plenty of reasons why.

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Apps Like Tiktok / Tiktok Alternatives

In March 2020, Check Point Research, a cybersecurity company, found serious security flaws on TikTok, which subsequently allowed hackers to take control of the user’s account. Hackers were also able to upload and manipulate videos and make private videos public of the users. In 2019, TikTok was also accused of harvesting biometrics of users without consent.

The TikTok community, along with Musically, can create videos of only one minute, which limits their options of creating longer attractive videos. Also, the editing features of the app are limited and restricted.

Other apps like TikTok (but safer!)

For the ones who are looking for other apps like TikTok, here is a list of alternatives you can use on your iPhone and Android smartphones.

1. Dubsmash – The perfect Tiktok Alternative

This is one of the famous and oldest music video apps useful for use both for Android and iOS-based devices. This TikTok alternative has more than a million installs, and users of this app are a part of a worldwide community that enjoys creating and entertaining lip-sync videos.

With this TikTok like app, one can use various sounds in the videos, including movies as well as famous TV quotes. Users can also add stickers and attractive text overlays to the videos to make them more eye-catching. The app lets the user display the videos in story styles and also enables the person to post music videos on the Dubsmash profile. You can also share the music videos to the social media sites and save them effectively.

Dubssmart apps like TikTok

apps like tiktok

2. Funimate – And it doesn’t spy!

One of the most significant advantages of this app over TikTok is that a user can create any video through this app. There can be slow-motion videos, fast videos, movie videos, music videos, and can also compile different videos into one. Additionally, one can also create video loops and explore the vast music library of the app, which gives the user access to uncountable trending songs and sound effects.

The alternative for TikTok has more than twenty refined video effects that change a video entirely and make it more enhancing and attractive. One can also add text, stickers, or funny comments to the videos or can collaborate videos with friends by sharing a song both friends like and merging it into a single video clip.

Funimate App like Tiktok

apps like tiktok

Kid-friendly apps like TikTok…but not TikTok!

The security foul-ups of TikTok cannot be underestimated. The short-format video app is rife with predators who are using the Chinese app to otherwise groom, watch, or engage in sexually explicit conversations with children as young as eight. We’ve filtered a few safer alternatives to TikTok.

3. Cheez – If you love dancing! Tiktok Alternatives

The Cheez app lets a person not only create music videos but also explore vlogging and create videos on comedy and fashion. One of the distinctive features of this app is that if the videos of a user get ample reactions, likes, shares, or comments, the user will receive rewards as well as offers from the app.

The app has effective cutting as well as trimming tools by which a person can remove the mistakes done while recording the video. One can also post different topics of the videos and start battles, or participate in different challenges and display creativity skills. There is an advanced DanceOff feature in this TikTok alternative app, which is the first mobile dancing game ever launched.

Cheez child friendly App

apps like tiktok

4. Triller – A much, much safer alternative to TikTok

Celebrities are using this app like Kevin Hart and Selena Gomez for recording and publishing their social media videos. A simple app can use it to record the footage, and after that, the auto-editing tool will do the rest of the work. The video editing tools of this app enable a person to trim the videos or apply a full range of filters. You can even draw on the videos to express your thoughts to your followers.

There is also a collaboration tool where the person can join in with the friend to create videos. You can then share the videos through the social media platforms of Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to the audience.

Thriller app like tiktok

apps like tiktok

5. Likee – A TikTok alternative for fun filters!

This app is similar to TikTok and has a vast range of dialogue materials apt for the videos and also a Music Magic filter, which gives effects to the videos based on the music volume or feel. The app offers a rich collection of filters and also lets the user manage the speed of the video footage. You can also merge multiple videos into a single video clip or crop videos according to the convenience. The LIKE community is a large group of LIKE networkers, where one can get innovative music videos and collaborate and connect with creators. The app lets the user share videos and clips across different social media platforms.

Likee child friendly App like TikTok safer alternative

apps like tiktok