Most laptops and PCs now include a built-in webcam, so it’s not essential to purchase any extra hardware for video calls. However, those built-in cameras tend to come with basic functionalities, image quality, and a limited viewing point. People who wish to project a more professional image can benefit from a webcam that delivers a high-resolution image, as well as top-notch features.

Less expensive webcams will in general offer 720p resolution (1280×720 pixels) and some of the best 720p cameras do provide picture-perfect quality. In recent years, however, top-quality cameras are becoming the standard, offering ‘1080p’ (1920×1,080) or even 4K (4096×2,160) goal. Other features to consider when buying one are the following: see if it allows you to shift and turn the camera, a wide-angle lens, and a noise-canceling microphone (particularly if you have pets or children at home).

Most webcams use a standard USB connection, so they work with both PCs and Macs, and can be utilized with standard video apps like Skype and Zoom. As for Mac users, your best option is to check if the camera requires a special app from the webcam that gives extra features.

In today’s work-from-home universe of espresso and pajama bottoms, the webcam is the ultimate king. Sitting quietly on our workstations, it’s an entrance onto various nations, cities — and co-worker’s homes. Nothing removes the flash from a Zoom like terrible camera resolution. If your audio lags, your video freezes or you begin speaking up of-sync, it will not take long for the virtual meeting room to turn on you.

To help you keep ahead of the virtual curve, we’ve done some digging and rounded up a list of the best 4K webcams available out there. From compact choices to enormous videobars, there are a lot of top-line cameras ready to bring your work calls into the front, right and center. Here are the high-res best…

A conservative 4K webcam is ideal for your PC

First of all; high-resolution carries with it an exorbitant cost tag. However, there are advantages to putting money into a very sharp webcam. First and foremost, you’ll never look grainy or glitch-out in the middle of a work call. Most importantly, your co-workers will actually want to see each and every title of each and every book you’ve cautiously curated into your Zoom background.

When it comes to the compact category, the unmistakable winner for both quality and value point is Logitech’s Brio Ultra. Engineered with Advanced HDR technology to ensure striking colors, RightLight 3 technology also acclimates to both poor lighting and direct sunlight. Jabra’s PanaCast is a compact, multi-camera alternative that covers a 180-degree field of view — and Aver’s CAM540 utilizes SmartFrame technology and facial recognition to put you in the focal point of the picture or video.

A video bar is essential for your home office

As we invest more time in lockdown, our home offices are slowly turning into a more professional space. Old lounge area furniture has been traded out for an ergonomic office seat. Our work areas have been decked out with productivity-boosting decor. Moreover, our webcams ought to be upgraded to best in class videobars.

Logitech, as always, stands out in this list. The MeetUp is equipped with premium camera optics, Bluetooth speakerphone, RightSound voice optimization and RightSight face identification. The Videobar VB1 from Bose flaunts six beam-steering microphones that center focus on voices in the room. Also, Poly’s Studio webcam is the only 4K videobar fitted with patented Noiseblock technology; to cleverly block out distracting work-from-home interferences — everything from yapping siblings to barking dogs…

A PC with a HD webcam is the following best thing

For those of you without £1,000 to go overboard on a webcam, we have some terrible news. No company has — at this point — figured out how to crush the high-res of a 4K camera into a PC. However, they’re arriving. Numerous PCs come fitted with super HD webcams that are just impalpably fuzzier than 4K.

The new XPS 17 PC from Dell, for instance. With a 4K display, the 1280 x 720 webcam offers 30 fps and is more than sharp enough to get you through your daily meetings. Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 3 comes with similar pixels, and also benefits from the Dual far-field Studio Mics to upgrade your sound. Apple’s MacBook Pro additionally has a 720p webcam — however the brand’s personal computer ups the ante, with the iMac Pro offering a 1080p camera.