The Android operating system is the most flexible one given its open-source platform, which means that it is compatible with a wide range of add-on products. A widespread option of the best android accessories include add-ons like portable chargers, power banks, headphones, sleek and stylish cases, and what not. Now-a-days, your android smartphone can control many outbound gadgets like Virtual Reality (VR) headgears, home systems, lightings, cameras, and even some drones used for cameras. There are also hundreds of thousands of gadgets and add-ons available which can make this list of best android accessories a never-ending one. Check out a few of these accessories that we have listed below.

Best Android Accessories Worth Giving a Try

SoundPEATS Qy7 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

best android accessories

Have your ear-phones become an irritating add-on while working out at the gym or running for miles? Are you a music freak who needs some tunes in the background while working out? The SoundPEATS Qy7 earbuds may just be the right choice for you.

best android accessories soundpeats wireless bluetooth earphones

One of the coolest android accessories, these earphones have up to 6 hours of playtime, an easy-to-read battery meter, along with features like cleaner audio experience and sweat-proof.

These earbuds are not universally compatible, but they go only with some select android devices.

Price- Starting from $35.99

Fitbit Alta HR Wristband

best android accessories fitbit alta hr

Fitbit is one company that has seen actual popularity with its range of wristbands. In this model, Fitbit offers continuous tracking of your heart rate. Additionally, it tracks your calories burned, distance travelled, total steps, number of floors climbed, and total active minutes. For call notifications and smarter sleeping features, Fitbit Alta HR is the perfect choice.

Price- Starting from $149.95

WoodPuck Bamboo Wireless Charging Pad

best android accessories omaker portable speaker

Wireless charging system is growing rapidly and due to this technology charging becomes hassle free. Many devices use the Qi wireless charging technology, but WoodPuck’s bamboo edition is an ultimate device.

best android accessories tile blutooth speaker 1

The bamboo finishing in WoodPuck’s charging pad offers an aesthetic appeal. Also, it adds to your home decor, given its stylish look. Wireless charger pads are starting to top the lists of the best android accessories these days.

Price- Starting from $59.99 approximately (or $19.99 at discount)

Tile Bluetooth Tracker

Well, for the forgetful ones, Tile tracker is here to help you find mis-placed items. Be it keys, cases, spectacles, or anything, you just have to attach this tracker to the object your want to keep a track of. Use your smartphone to install an app that will keep a track of this tile.

best android accessories tile bluetooth speaker

What’s more, its battery lasts for almost a year and it is water-resistant. Other users can also help you find if you mark ‘Lost’ on an object mis-placed with an attached tile.

best android accessories

Introduced as an iOS add-on, this cool smartphone accessory is now compatible with android devices also. According to the mentions on Tile’s website, it works well will android devices like the HTC One M8, Samsung Galaxy S5, LG Nexus 4 and 5, etc. The android device must support Bluetooth 4.0 to be compatible with Tile. Tile is one of the best android accessories available given its beneficial usage.

Price- Starting from $25 for a single one and $70 for a pack of 4 tiles

Omaker Portable Bluetooth Speaker

best android accessories omaker portable speaker 2

Love listening to music while bathing in the shower or Jacuzzi, or while chilling in the pool? Afraid that your speaker will get damaged in water? Worry no more as Omaker’s portable waterproof speaker is ideal for you.

best android accessories omaker portable speaker

If you keep the volume of the speaker at around 80 percent and charge it for 3 hours before-hand, this speaker runs for almost 12 hours of playtime.

best android accessories omaker portable speaker 3

Omaker’s speaker has an IP54 rating, meaning it is protected against dust, although not fully. Yes, this is a waterproof speaker and it can handle splashes of water. But it does not necessarily mean that you submerge it in water or keep it underwater for hours.

best android accessories omaker portable speaker 1

Price- Starting from $55 approximately (or $34.99 at discount)

Long List of Android Accessories

There is a long and almost never-ending list of the best android accessories available. The old add-ons are becoming consumer favorites, while the new ones keep getting developed. You get options of accessories like add-on cameras, keyboards, portable printers, home systems (like the Amazon Echo) and so much more.

There will be a day when you can carry almost your entire world around with you, with the help of innovative android accessories for smartphones. Know what your smartphone is compatible with, be clear of your needs, and pamper yourself with such cool android accessories for your smartphone.