The days of writing important information down on paper or in notebooks are long gone. Nowadays, all that information is stored digitally, and with the prevalence of digital theft comes the need for security apps. 

Fortunately, there are various great choices, but not all of them will work well for you. In addition, all of these products come with pros and cons to consider before making a purchase decision.

This list will be able to help you find the best storage apps for your needs.  Let’s get started!

Norton Security

Image: Norton Security Premium

Norton Security Premium

This app is easy to install and highly accurate in protecting against viruses, malware, ransomware, etc. In addition, it provides much-needed peace of mind when using public computers or sharing data over unsecured networks. 

Furthermore, Norton Security Premium features anti-theft capabilities that will help protect your phone from theft while also allowing you to track its location if necessary. However, despite all these fantastic features, one drawback associated with this product is that ongoing subscriptions can get quite costly after some time. 

Express VPN

Image: Express VPN 

Express VPN 

This brutal virtual private network service provider is an excellent product for anyone seeking online security and privacy. ExpressVPN can easily unblock geo-restricted content, so you don’t have to miss out on the most popular TV shows or movies! 

The app does not store any traffic logs, making them an extremely reliable choice to protect your identity while surfing the internet. One downside associated with this application is that it costs $99 per year, which puts it on the high-priced side compared to other alternatives available today. However, Express VPN also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure you are satisfied with their service.  

Orbit Security and Storage App

Image: Orbot


This app is designed for the Android operating system to help protect your data when using unsecured WiFi networks. Orbot encrypts your internet traffic and routes it through multiple servers, making it almost impossible for unauthorized entities to sniff out personal information. 

Furthermore, this product can be used in conjunction with Tor which allows users to navigate websites anonymously without revealing their IP address or location! 

The one downside to this application is that there isn’t much helpful guidance, so beginners may struggle first before getting comfortable enough with its features/settings. Other than that, Orbot makes for a great addition when trying to stay safe online or when using public WiFi networks.  

Scalefusion Storage app

Image: Scalefusion


Scalefusion is a great app that provides the user with an encrypted virtual drive on their device. This virtual drive can store any necessary files, documents, photos, etc., and also features password protection if anyone else tries accessing your data. Scalefusion comes equipped with privacy controls, so you don’t have to worry about specific applications/websites accessing your data without permission! 

Finally, this product works cross-platform, making it highly versatile for different operating systems like Windows or Mac OS X! One downside associated is some compatibility issues when using older devices running Android Lollipop (or earlier). So if security is your one priority, then this may not be the best choice available today.  

Dropbox Storage App

Image: Dropbox


Last but not least, is an excellent alternative for people looking for an easy way to store all of their files in one location without spending too much money upfront. This cloud storage service has many useful features, including automatic photo backups from smartphones and computers, which can be accessed anytime using the mobile app or website portal. 

While it doesn’t offer nearly as many security features as its competitors mentioned above, this product provides users with file encryption while stored on Dropbox’s servers so hackers cannot access your data illegally. Additionally, there are no lengthy contracts required either when signing up!  

Final Words

The best security and storage apps depend on individual needs – some products focus more heavily on protecting your data while others offer more space.  However, the list above would serve as a solid starting point to protecting you and your valuable documents on the internet.