‘Best Uses of ChatGPT’ – this must ring a bell or two. For, it’s one of the most-searched phrases on the internet. Even if you don’t belong to the tech world or don’t happen to be a tech savvy person, you must have encountered ChatGPT in the last few weeks. 

OpenAI’s new chatbot has managed to create a sensation across the global tech industry and the impact is so massive that shockwaves have been felt throughout the world in general. When we have a close look at it, we understand its arrival has larger ramifications than just affecting the equations of the tech world alone. 

ChatGPT has also been the center of controversies too. People have been found raging in heated debates over it being a potential threat to jobs. From Twitter to Facebook and LinkedIn – it continues to trend. We have also come across weird updates from the US itself, where schools and colleges have been forced to curb down usage and in some occasions slapped a complete ban, so far as ChatGPT is concerned. 

But ChatGPT can be really useful, if handled with care. Here are 5 Best Uses of ChatGPT – things you can do with OpenAI’s all-new chatbot without resulting in a backfire. 

Things You Can Do With ChatGPT

OpenAI’s sensational chatbot can be a bit useful in accomplishing some simple tasks. [Image Credit: OpenAI]

5 Best Uses of ChatGPT: Take It on Your Side 

Firstly, let’s put the age-old debate, which has gained momentum of late, to rest. It’s never possible for AIs (whatever might be its avatar) to replace human beings. Yes, it’s true that some routine jobs might not remain that much relevant. But the same happened with the arrival of computers.

When it comes to critical thinking, emotional intelligence and imaginative faculty, all sorts of AIs take a back seat. 

The same applies to ChatGPT. We have seen how people across sectors started to embrace it and too much reliance on it has backfired in the worst possible manner – from hilarious answers to disastrous ad copies and what not. But OpenAI’s sensational chatbot can be a bit useful in accomplishing some simple tasks. Let’s have a close look at some of them. 

Writing JDs

ChatGPT can make life a bit easier for HR professionals. If given the right prompts, it can produce mundane Job Descriptions, while the recruiter can focus on the other important aspects. But again, don’t have high hopes of getting quirky copies that grab the eyeballs at the word go. 

Summarizing Case Notes and Drafting Documents 

It can come to the aid of lawyers, by saving hours through producing summaries of case notes. On the other hand, in case of drafting documents like contracts or agreements, ChatGPT can come really handy. 

Providing Customer Support

It can be useful in providing basic customer support. For, ChatGPT appears to have an edge over most of the chatbots out there. When there’s a need for quick assistance regarding some common queries, it seems to fit the bill. 

Writing Cold Emails

When a testing team is in the process of weighing options and in need of as many versions as possible of a particular type of cold email, ChatGPT can turn out to be a timesaver. You need to give one such previous email in the prompt. But the idea of using it to write actual emails for sales marketing, must be kept in the can, as an email without any warmth is bound to fail when it comes to making connections. 

Writing Basic Codes or Documenting Them

ChatGPT can write simple codes which don’t involve anything beyond the basic rationale, provided it’s given the right prompts. However, attempts to write not-so-simple codes (forget the critical ones) with it, have fallen flat. 

You can get along with these 5 best uses of ChatGPT. Meanwhile, if you haven’t used this chatbot from OpenAI before, you can check out our definitive guide How To Use ChatGPT, which explains the whole thing in some simple steps. 

Stay tuned with us, as we will get back to you soon with exclusive updates on ChatGPT and other top tech stories across the world. Meanwhile, you can have a nice time with the little AI chatbot.


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