A student’s life gets really hectic as he enters college. Right from taking down notes or looking after one’s room, the student needs to be efficient enough. But thanks to the scientific progress these days, there are gadgets which help in making study life much easier. Here is a list of 5 Cool Gadgets to make College Life Easier.

Livescribe Echo Smartpen

One of the essential parts of the academic life is jotting down notes during the lecture. At times what happens is that due to the fast pace of the professor, one tends to miss out on a few important points. The Livescribe Echo Smartpen has a camera inside the pen tip. This helps the device connect with the microdots printed on the page which tracks the pen strokes.


Along with this, it also records the audio of the place around the pen with the help of the smartphone. In this case, one can listen to the audio by touching the tip of the pen to the special paper. This will help in understanding the context in which the notes were written and even if something is missed out, it can be covered. This device is available for $99.

Evernote Moleskin Smart Notebook

According to psychological studies, writing down something in the notebook helps in remembering things in an easier manner. But a digital backup is also necessary in case the book is misplaced. This gadget helps the student take down handwritten notes along with providing digital access.


After capturing the notes by Evernote, it integrates with the Evernote account of the user. Once captured, these notes can be shared, stored or managed in whatever way the user wants through the Evernote account. This account can be accessed from anywhere and any device. Be it short notes or artistic sketches, Evernote can work with all of them. These notebooks start from the price of $24.95.

Nimbus Smart Dashboard

When you’re living in a hostel all by yourself, you need to be responsible enough to be punctual and meet deadlines. But at times due to work pressure or over-sleeping, one might end up missing out something important. Be it emails or social media, it is important to be updated at all times of the day or night. The Nimbus Smart Dashboard will make sure that one keeps getting regular updates.


This device syncs with an Android or iOS device using the Wi-Fi connection available. The smart dashboard has four dials which will preview the data considered important by the user. Be it social media, weather reports, traffic, breaking news, stock prices, it can notify about such updates. Along with this, it also has a clock which one can use as an alarm. It is available in three colors: white, black and red at the price of $129.99.

Ultra Mini Travel Streamer

One of the drawbacks of living alone is that you have to stick to a budget and have to learn to manage the daily chores. On most days one can wear something crumpled and call it fashion but during a job interview or an internship, being presentable is important. During such situations, the Ultra Mini Travel Steamer proves to be beneficial.


As it is only 8 inches high, this is the perfect device for a college student. It hardly occupies any place in the room and is effective as well. All one has to do is fill the device with tap water to let out steam. This team can remove creases from thick, thin or delicate fabrics without harming them. It is available for approximately $29.99.

Bluetooth Coffee Maker

As one steps into the college education phase of life, studies get more hectic which results in staying up all night. Caffeine is the best way to get rid of fatigue and wake up the senses. While engrossed in so much workload, a student might not get time to wait for the coffee to brew. During such a situation, the Bluetooth Coffee Maker is quite a convenience.


All one has to do is download the WeMo app on the smartphone and sync it with the coffee maker. After doing so, one can put the coffee to brew from anywhere; be it the next room or even on the way back from college. The app also enables the user to set brew sessions at regular intervals. It is available at the price of $149.99.