Our professional lives have taken a toll on us- our health and lifestyle. People have become robots living to a strict routine and not having time for them. They live in a hyperconnected situation, always glued to the devices, checking emails and instant messages every few seconds. The smartphones and iPads have given us humans more device time than ‘me time.’ But this is unhealthy! Unhealthy for the mind as well as for the body!

Top-ranked Digital Detox Apps

The human body needs time to relax and unplug from the hectic scenarios to rejuvenate and refresh themselves. Only then will it be able to take more pressure and work more. Technology has given us more options to stay glued to our screen and digital detox apps which help one relax and unwind. In the present day and age, when technology keeps much of the sanity of humans at bay, there are a couple of technology-powered tools and applications that give a breather from tremendous work. Some of these digital detox apps include:

Apps to unplug digital detox

Who doesn’t deserve a little ‘me’ time?

Apps To Unplug Digital Detox


The easiest app to gift one a distraction-free life, it has a clean and simple interface and lets a user to temporarily block distracting apps and services for the duration of time one chooses. Once selected, the block setting cannot be undone until the allotted time elapses. So, no matter what, people would end up focusing on things they want to for that period. The digital detox app is perfect for people who feel bogged down by technology at every breath of their lives.


This app keeps the smartphone habits in check like it tells the user exactly how much time they have been spending on each app. Another exciting feature is that it lets the user switch their phone on a do-not-disturb mode with customized settings. Users can also set exceptions for specific contacts, like family or emergency contacts, to reach when a person is “away.” In case a user is worried about missing out an urgent call, the app prompts a message about who all have tried to contact them while they are off the grid.

Quality Time

This digital detox app also helps people to get a broad sense and check smartphone habits. With this app, people can set limits for how much time they want to spend on a particular app daily. Once the person hits the threshold, the app will immediately send a reminder about the deadline exceed. One can also create custom do-not-disturb profiles for different scenarios, like work, home, and leisure. This app is perfect for people who are addicted to their smartphones and are always busy on the phones irrespective of where they are.


This is a relaxation-inducing app that uses color psychology and fluid movements inspired by Tai Chi to help a person unwind. With fingertips, a person can slowly and steadily create blobs of color across the screen along a moving path. These effects will disappear the moment the person removes the finger away from the screen. The idea behind this effect is to allow disentangling mind of all the clutter and distractions and calming them. This app is perfect for short breaks in-between work or to cool down momentarily.


This meditation app is perfect for people who don’t prefer strict yoga. The free services of the app include guided programs of simple meditation and sleep improvement techniques, 2-30 minutes, and access to 16 soothing sounds and nature scenes to the users. The app is suitable for people who always wanted to try meditation but have not much time for it.