Make transition towards a more ethical and sustainable lifestyle with eco-friendly apps.

Humans are dependent on the environment for life. A slight change in the climate affects humankind on a large scale. Though humans believe that they have no power over the environment to make it a better, safer, and healthier place; but that is false. Little acts of humans go a long way to making the world a better place to live in.

Top Ranked Eco-Friendly Apps

Every change should begin at the individual level, like growing trees in the neighborhood, avoid littering and pollution causing elements. In addition to these, one can also download eco-friendly apps that enable a person to make small victories for the environment each day. Some of these efficient eco-friendly apps include the following:

 1. Oroeco

Oroeco app aims at raising awareness about the impact of a single person on environmental issues like climate change, global warming, and other consequential occurrences. With the app, one can track their carbon footprint, their climate impact, and also analyze everyday action to achieve the goal for a better environment. The app also offers actionable tips on reduces pollution.

2. #climate

#climate app allows users to learn about the actions that they can do to protect the environment. The eco-friendly app also has a social media feature whereby users can share those actions on their social media platforms. To successfully use this app, one needs to create a #climate profile, select the topics they are most interested in, and the app will immediately share information about the activities that users can take part in. Later, users can share them on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Google+. This app also let users be a part of a massive environmentalist’s family and to learn about the effective ways to make a greener and safer Earth for all.

3. Waterprint

Waterprint app is designed to calculate the water footprint of a person and help them understand how to save water. The app takes into account the water that a person wears, eats and drinks. For instance, the app would calculate how much water is spent to grow an apple, produce one pound of meat, or make a shirt. This app guarantees in making users smart, make sustainable choices and also help them to reduce their water footprint.

 4. Good Guide

The Good Guide app aims at assisting people in learning which products are ethical, green, and safer to use, and which products are the opposite. This eco-friendly app, which is based on scientific research, covers several products ranging from personal care products, household products, as well as babies & kids products. The app base includes more than 75.000 rated products.

 5. Carma Carpooling

Transportation causes pollution, be it the transport on land, water or air. It is one of the biggest CO2 emitters in the world. Just by driving a car to the office every day, a person emits vast amounts of CO2 to the environment and leaves a negative impact on the atmosphere. The Carma Carpooling app helps people to reduce this harmful emission. It helps them to connect with the people from around the neighborhood to travel together to the same destination. With this app, a person can get in touch with other carpoolers, split the cost of transportation and drive together. This way, the emissions are reduced significantly. Carma Carpooling app allows users to pay via credit card, and 85% of the payment goes to the driver.

Little things for the environment make a huge difference. Its easy and effective being eco-friendly and going green, both for yourself and the environment. The above mentioned eco-friendly will help people to take note of the daily habits and think about the environment on a large scale for the future.

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