Photo and video editing apps have become the latest trend in the mobile app industry. You can use the best photo and video editing apps to edit, manipulate, and enhance your photos and videos.

Your memories are worth capturing on film, but they are even more worth preserving with a little bit of help from some of these top 5 photo/video editing apps

photo and video editing apps

Use Adobe Photoshop for free before actually going for it!

Adobe Photoshop

Right off the bat, we start with Adobe Photoshop. It comes with a reasonably high price tag, but the quality of its edits is worth it if you’re serious about your photo editing game.

It’s packed full of features like highlight/shadow recovery, color correction, focus blending (for panoramas), compositing, and more!

You can use Adobe Photoshop for free for 60 days to see if you enjoy using it. After the trial, they offer a monthly subscription or an annual payment plan that is pretty affordable. 

editing app

Use Magisto to edit automatically in real-time without any need for exporting afterwards.


This editing app has been around for a while now and can be used on video or photo media – however, it only works on mobile devices. Like Adobe Premiere Clip, Magisto also allows users to add text directly onto their photos, which is popular with social media influencers who want to make sure they stand out from the crowd! 

The most significant advantage of using Magisto over other apps is that edits are done automatically in real-time without any need for exporting afterward, which saves users quite a bit of time when trying to finalize all material online. 

However, there have been complaints about how “uncreative the finished product tends to look.” In addition, the app itself does not allow for as many customizations as some other apps do.   

video editing apps

Picsart Photo Studio allows for text editing directly onto images/videos before sharing them online. 

PicsArt Photo Studio 

The PicsArt Photo Studio app has over 100 million users on its platform worldwide! It is free to use and offers a premium service if you want more control over your edits – such as creating collages that would otherwise need multiple photos or videos. Like Magisto, it allows for text editing directly onto images/videos before sharing them online. 

In addition, Adobe Premiere Clip supports actual-time video editing (no exporting required) without any additional fees after download. However, one demerit is that there have been reports of ads appearing during usage, with some users not being happy about this. 

photo and video editing apps

Play with photos and videos through Pixlr with 100+ languages available on the platform.


Pixlr currently has over 100 languages available for download, making it a popular choice among international users! Like other apps listed here, this one supports actual-time editing of photos and videos before sharing online (without exporting afterward). Still, many people claim that Pixlr’s effects are not as ‘high-end as some of the others listed here. Also, there have been complaints about how difficult its interface can be to navigate – especially if you’re new to photo/video editing in general.   

editing app for beginners

VSCO is lending a hand to more than 13 million users worldwide.


The VSCO app has over 13 million users worldwide. It offers photo and video editing capabilities right out of the gate (no extra fees required) but does not allow live edits like Adobe Premiere Clip or Magisto do.  

Some users have criticized the app because it can take a long time to create final posts/videos if you want anything more than just basic edits with simple filters – although some say its minimalistic design makes up for this drawback!

Photo and video editing apps are an excellent way to make your photos stand out from the crowd! VSCO, PicsArt Photo Studio, Magisto, and Adobe Premiere Clip are some of our favorite photo/video editors. They all have their unique advantages, so it will depend on what you’re looking for in particular that will determine which one is best for you!