What is the current rage in the field of automobiles? What is the future of the automobile market? Both these questions point towards one answer and that is Electric Vehicles, more specifically Electric Cars. It might be tough to grasp but according to facts published on hybridcars, almost 2,95,000 individuals of the U.S have bid a farewell to the traditional automobiles. Consumers have significantly shifted to the world of EV’s, i.e. Electric Vehicles.

Electric Cars not only provide a smoother user experience with instant torque and a swift acceleration; they are also touted to be the next-gen transportation option by many worldwide. Apart from these the top 5 reasons that shout out to invest in an Electric Vehicle are-

Electric Car – The Future

future electric car

Many EV manufacturers are assuming that such cars will boost up sales in the upcoming 8-10 years. Moreover, they think that by 2030 not just hybrids but solely plug-in vehicles will be running on the streets.

Operation of EV’s is Inexpensive

An average electric car requires a meager $3.84 of electricity at 12 cents per Kilowatt hour (kWh) for travelling 100 miles. This estimate is as per the U.S Environmental Protection Agency. In comparison to this, a traditional fuel car requires gas worth almost $9.65.

Obviously this means that with the usage of an EV you save money in the long run as well as save the environment.

New Technology

electric car future

Well, new technology is always fun. And isn’t it super cool that you will invest in a technology that saves the future of the planet? An electric car can be real fun to drive on the streets. Especially considering advantages like – silent yet efficient engines, effortless driving and shifting into different gears, and an instant torque.

Yes, it can be a bit expensive to invest in at the first go. But once you experience the fun and smooth user experience, we are sure you won’t put your hands on a traditional car ever again. And don’t forget, an electric car is the next-gen cool quotient!

Lessens the Environmental Degradation

Our environment is getting chocked up with gas fumes and pollution. Our non-renewable resources are also depleting at an alarming rate. This is why, there is an utmost necessity to switch to less polluting and renewable energy efficient modes.

Moreover, air pollution and the gas fumes emitted from the traditional cars is not just harmful for Mother Earth. It is equally venomous for us, humans. We also suffer from health issues like asthma, heart attacks, cancer, etc. due to air pollution. And what is better than an EV to save the environment and out health both?

Safety Levels

electric car renewable energy

Some of the EV’s (say Tesla’s electric cars) pass out with flying colors for the safety test from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Not just this, an EV can carry your whole family in a single drive to a destination. (We are talking about the Tesla SUV’s).

Well, fellas the prices of EV’s are also dropping making this new gen transport an affordable investment for the common people. Such cars also require less maintenance than their traditional predecessors. Why? Because they are not packed with fuel tanks, clutches, convertors, etc.

Oh did we mention? You can charge your solar powered EV’s while driving on roads? Literally driving with the Sun!

Well, we will keep the description of various EV models for later. Till the time we let you read and digest the fact that investing in an electric car is a win-win in the long run.