Technology-driven industries are leading the market, making the followers believe in digital literacy. Well, this adds to the learning more when technology aspirants look for ‘technovation’ with programing and coding languages. Technowize has listed some best coding apps that could make your learning easier and interesting.   

Must Know Coding Apps in 2021

The world is going digital, and almost all functions and services are moving online. Tech savviness and digital literacy are now the basic requirements for most jobs. Programming is steadily becoming one of the best career choices in today’s technology-dominated world.

Learning to code with coding apps

Learn programming through code apps.

Learning to code is not a very difficult task nor boring. You do not need a computer science degree to learn how to write code. What is required, though, is regular practice to master it. Now there are many coding apps available that one can go to learn and practice on the go.

This article will cover the best coding apps on iOS and Android for those who want to learn to code.

There are some great coding apps for beginners that will help you with your programming journey.

1. Mimo

Mimo is a coding app that combines education and fun. It is designed with multiple learning paths that focus on what you would like to make with real-world projects. Mimo gamifies learning with streaks and awards, which encourage beginners to keep wanting to go ahead. The app teaches several languages and technologies, including Python, JavaScript, Java, HTML, CSS, SQL, Swift, Kotlin, C++, SQL, and PHP. You can start by learning Web Development and then improve your skills in data science, digital literacy, and cybersecurity.

It is available for download on both android and iOS and its advanced version costs $9.9 per month.

Mimo Coding App to learn programming

Use for: Learning languages including Python, JavaScript, Java, HTML, and more.

2. SoloLearn

SoloLearn offers basic and concise tutorials for beginners and people wanting to upgrade their skills with a fine mix of lessons and quizzes. With SoloLearn, you can study just about every relevant technology you can think of. The lesson plans can be customised according to your progress, preference, and market trends. The app can be used both on the mobile phone and in the browser. It offers JavaScript, Python, SQL, HTML, CSS, Swift, Java, C++, PHP Ruby. The basic version is free and if you want added learning, it costs $6.99 per month.

SoloLearn with concise tutorials

Use for: Lesson plans on Python, JavaScript, SQL, CSS, and more.

3. Enki

It has an easy and attractive interface. It is one of the best-designed apps. It tracks your everyday progress and allows you to team up with other people. You can learn dozens of programming languages on Enki, Computer Science concepts, security, blockchain, and databases. The basic course is free and the premium one is priced around $7.99 per month.

Enki coding app for blockchain

Use for: Security, blockchain, and database.

4. Programming Hub

Programming Hub has been developed in collaboration with Google experts. Programming Hub has 5000+ programs in 20+ programming languages and the largest collection of exercises for practice and learning. It also offers courses in subjects such as ethical hacking, app development, AI, material design, edge computing, digital marketing, SEO, and more.

It also comes with text to speech functionality. This makes learning to code accessible to a much larger audience. Its premium version comes for $6.99.

Use for: Learning ethical hacking, app development, material design, and more.

5. Grasshopper

Grasshopper is a free application designed for complete beginners. You progress with the help of visual puzzles designed to develop your coding skills and build a clear foundation in programming concepts. It is focused on basic learning skills and focuses on things like variables, loops, and functions.

Grasshopper coding app

Use for: Clear foundations of programming concepts.

Find pace with the fast-running digital world through best-designed software in the tech-savvy market. The innovation industry is fetching the best coding apps to help you lead the ways through nearing programmable world.