iPhone tricks

iPhone is the most magical device from the Apple family, especially with all the cool iPhone tricks. We all know some of the iPhone hacks, but here we bring the most amazing and coolest iPhone tricks that very few people are aware of.

Unbelievably Cool iPhone Tricks

Stop the music with a Timer

Are you one of those who love to listen to your favorite tracks while heading to sleep? Worry no more. With iPhone, you can set a timer to some specific duration after which the songs will automatically stop playing. With this cool feature, you can listen to songs until you fall asleep, without worrying that songs will keep on playing till the morning. To enable this feature, you can go to Clock> Timer>When Timer Ends>Stop Playing and then set a timer.

Capture stable photos using headphones

Are your hands to shaky to take a good and stable selfie? This is one of the simplest iPhone hacks that will enable you to take selfies without a smudge. Use the volume up and volume low buttons of your headphones to capture stunning photos. No, those buttons are not solely for changing volume, go ahead and use them to take pictures.

Shake to undo

Made a mistake while typing or editing a picture? iPhone abilities allow you to undo the mistake by just giving the iPhone a slight shake. Changed your mind? You can redo the change by shaking it again – just like you shake the martini – and click the redo the changes. Cheers!

Type Emoji with Shortcuts

Do you need to search for that laughing emoji, every time you want to let your guy know that he is hilarious? Worry no more. You can simply replace a keyword with an emoji by using this simple steps: Settings> General> Keyboard > Keyboards > Add new Keyboard > Emoji and then go to Settings> General> Keyboard > Add New Shortcut and then mention the emoji that you want as a replacement to some specific keyword. For instance, you can replace a keyword ‘LOL’ with a laughing face with tears of joy.

Customize vibrations

Want to know who is calling or texting you? Yeah yeah, just customize the ringtone or notification tone for the specific contacts. But how will you know when the phone is in silent mode? This is one of the coolest iPhone tricks that will let you customize the vibration patterns for notifications and alerts. All you need to do is select Settings> Sounds> Ringtone> Vibration > Create New Vibration. You can know who is calling you simply by the vibration pattern.