English pronunciation is a way in which the English words or the language is spoken. Proper English pronunciation is an essential part of excellent communication between people and many diverse pronunciation app will help you. A poorly versed English pronunciation can lead to miscommunication, and people may not understand what one is saying. The mistakes in pronunciation can also cause significant misunderstandings, primarily when a person uses one-syllable words.

Pronunciation App

As such, it is essential to learn and understand phonetics. Learning phonetics will help with renowned pronunciation apps, you to have excellent pronunciation and communicate more effectively.

Pronunciation App

Learning pronunciation apps to learn accents

Pronunciation Apps to Improve Modulation

There are many language learning apps which help to learn phonetics and improve the pronunciation. These technology apps are the future of English Language Teaching and have advanced features to let students learn more efficiently.  With the help of the pronunciation apps, people can learn to speak properly whenever and wherever on the go.

There are many apps to improve pronounciatoin available nowadays for a better pronunciation learning:

Sound Pronunciation App

The Sounds Pronunciation App is managed by Macmillan Education and is the most popular and widely used pronunciation learning app available today. It is in use from decades to learn English and is one of the best English pronunciation apps to master phonetics and pronunciations in English. There are three different practice modes in the app- listening, writing and reading. It has a diverse selected Wordlist with more than 650 high-frequency words that are used in Practice and Quiz sections. The wordlist chart shows all sounds of English that are divided into three sections of vowels, diphthongs and consonants.  The Sound Pronunciation App has both a free and a premium version.

Learn English Sounds Right

This app by the British Council has a free pronunciation chart for learners and teachers of English. The app helps a person to develop their pronunciation and speaking skills, learn English sounds by listening to recordings as well as to improve the overall comprehension quality by listening to sample words. The app is available both in Android and iPhone store.

Say it: English Pronunciation App

This app helps users to practice sounds, words and sentences by listening and pronouncing. It is a useful tool to improve communication and pronunciation skills. Say It connects users with 100 free British English words, four tests and 12 sounds that are selected from the best-selling English File course and Oxford’s dictionaries. It is an interactive app to use.

Pronunroid IPA – Pronunciation App

This is an educational game app that transforms learning English phonetics into a fun experience. The app is aimed at practising IPA (International Phonetics Alphabet) transcription of different English words using the American pronunciation.

Elsa Speak: English Pronunciation Coach

This app teaches users to speak English in American English mode. The app is driven by speech recognition technology and points out the pronunciation mistakes a user makes. It also shows ways of improving pronunciation.

The app has an ELSA’s Assessment Test, designed by world-class English pronunciation experts, and can be taken in the first step of registration. The app aims at developing the English pronunciation proficiency and gives a regular detailed diagnosis on the top pronunciation challenges.

Forvo – Pronunciation App

This app lets the user listen to pronunciation (both from male and female speakers), learn as well as record words in 325+ languages. One can look for new words and listen to pronunciations from native language speakers. There are more than 4 million pronunciations available n Forvo pronunciation. There is also a provision to compare different pronunciations of a single word in the same language. The user can also keep track of the recently searched for and listened to pronunciations and request new word pronunciations from Forvo’s community.