Augmented reality (AR) has become mainstream with extensive usage in all fields, from everyday chats, social media to medicine, research, and gaming simulation.

As the name implies, augmented reality brings real-life experience into the digital world. It is a conglomeration of all our senses that can be seen and heard and now even felt virtually or digitally.

A study conducted by The Boston Consulting Group shows that more than 80 million people engage with AR on a monthly basis, and this is just in the US.

The most downloaded apps have AR features!

App Analytics service App Annie reveals that six of the top 10 most downloaded apps of 2019, have Augmented Reality features. Whether you are an Android or iOS user, the choice of Augmented Reality apps is wide. The most popular top 10 Augmented Reality list features Facebook Messenger, YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Best Augmented Reality Apps

Here we want to bring you a list of some apps that are different and varied from the usual lists.

1. Air Measure

Air Measure Augmented Reality Apps

It is a handy tool to measure anything at a tap. It comes with 15 different measuring options. Just aim the camera towards the camera and shoot and move the camera from one point to the other to measure. It is restricted to surfaces like a floor or wall. It can detect how tall you are through face detection. Capture floor plans and add furniture virtually, hang virtual picture frames, size a TV to fit your room, chart a 3D path as you walk around, or get a box-sized through 3D cube. And the best thing is it’s free!

2. Youcam Makeup

Youcam Makeup

It is a cosmetic kit app where you can test what kind of makeup suits your face and what color. It does virtual facial mapping to tell you how to contour your face accurately.

There is a real-time makeover option with hundreds of makeup & beauty looks that you can try in real life!

It can sense your facial features and layover makeup accordingly. There is a beauty advisor for tips and tricks. There is also a costume makeover for parties and fancy dress. One can try out different hair colors, accessories, jewels.

It is an excellent way to try out different looks and then invest in buying the products. The app is free to download.

3. Books Arrive

This app aims at reigniting the love of books in this digital age, where everything is fast and furious. It is primarily aimed at children who have access to the latest immersive technologies and gaming devices. BookARrive has books with augmented reality. Every page is full of interactive imagery where reality and fantasy mix. There are puzzles and games that one can play.

4. Just a Line

Just a Line Augmented Reality Apps

It’s an app that lets you draw and animate. It is a cross-platform collaborative app. Make simple drawings in Augmented Reality and then tap to record the picture and share the same. It works both on iOS and Android. Draw something and connect with friends and share the process. Pair your phones and draw in the same space. Play tic tac toe or collaborate on a garden. Use your imagination and create something new on a wall, do a virtual graffiti. The app comes free.


Mondly Augmented Reality Apps

Want to travel to exotic places or just improve your skills, then try Mondly. It helps you learn a new language. It has more than 30 language tutorials. The app plays out like a game and is easy to use. They have combined neural science with new technology to help you learn new languages. Mondly allows you to learn from any of the 33 languages on offer rather than from English. It has 50 million users and counting. It is a free app.



It’s a fun and intriguing app that allows you o leave messages in real places that can be seen only by people you want to view it. How it works—Take a picture of a wall near you, add photographs or freehand sketches, and share your creation with your friends. This augmented reality wall can be seen by people you shared it with when they are in the vicinity where you created it. If you make your drawing public, then fellow WallaMe users passing by can see it.

WallaMe includes:

– Augmented reality
– Geo-location
– Beautiful stickers
– Drawing and painting tools
– Sharing features
– Image streaming
– Hearts and comments

All features are available for free.