Music is life for many, be it as a hobby or a profession! If a person is a musician, they must at least once have thought about using apps to jam online to collaborate with fellow musicians online. Or better, they must have indeed thought about online jamming sessions with fellow musicians.

For such a thought, there is an answer! Music jamming apps – the new advent of technology that lets musicians collaborate and jam online to their loved tracks and music. Playing with the band online isn’t only refreshing; it might open up new creative doors too.

Top-ranked Apps to Jam Online

A remote online band practice session relies heavily on the speed of the internet connection- and not only one band member’s internet connection. Each member would require having a relatively fast and good broadband internet connection as well. Also, the device/computer should have good sound features too! An audio interface will work a long way in making the instrument sound better. Some of the efficient apps to jam online:

JamKazam Review – Jam Online

This is one of the most popular Jamkazam tools for musicians to play live in real-time with other band members. The service is free if the musician wishes to use their hardware, though the service sells add-ons. The JamBlaster feature is an accessory for the phone that doubles as an audio interface. This lets the musician use JamKazam with ultra-low latency and also later broadcast it to YouTube. To use Jamkazam app, each band member would have to have their own JamBlaster. Fortunately, one doesn’t need a JamBlaster to use JamKazam.

JamLink – Jam Online

This online band practice app is a hardware solution to the online jamming problem. The band members can purchase a special JamLink box and use it to connect for a session. Each member needs to have a JamLink box, even to listen in.

Ninjam – Jam Online

This is a multi-platform app to start online jamming. An easy to set up tool, it allows users to set levels for everything they hear and to record every track. However, the app has a slight lag problem, and there might be a bit delayed in measures. NinJam has many public servers, some of which are nearby and also many forums. It is also easy to set up a personalized Ninjam server for a musician and fellow band members. Ninjam also requires musicians to use a Creative Commons Share-Alike license for the tracks produced even if they run their Ninjam server.

Musical Apps to Jam Online

Jammr – Jam Online

Jammr allows musicians to jam with their band over the internet. However, there is a distinctive feature of Jammr app. In addition to allowing a musician to practice with band members and people they know, Jammr also helps musicians connect with other musicians from across the world. Jammr is currently available in beta, so all aspects of the service are free.

Jamulus – Jam Online

Jamulus is similar to Ninjam in that each musician will have to use client software and connect to a mutual server to jam and collaborate. Users can host their servers to get privacy for their band. In this app, the musicians can label their instrument for everyone’s convenience, and all players can adjust the levels of the others as they see fit.

Soundjack – Jam Online

This band session app allows both a server-client connection as well as peer-to-peer connections nominally for use within a LAN connection. The lag delay is eliminated virtually, and musicians can communicate through text chat while they jam. The Soundjack website has several tutorials for musicians that make the setup process much more manageable.