What is the best thing to do if you have a mental illness but do not wish to opt for therapy? You download mental health apps. Over the years, there has been a rise in mental health apps for depression and anxiety which have helped many people to cope with psychological issues. These depression apps are available for smartphones and are reasonably priced so that you don’t have to spend a fortune to sign in.

Mental Health App

You will also get information, suggestions, interactive sessions and enormous resources related to mental health on these apps.  These applications have developed to give the right solutions to the people suffering from acute depression, anxiety or have suicidal tendencies.

Is Mental Health Apps the end of Therapy?

Of course not! Though these iOS and Android mental health apps will provide additional support and solutions for the patient, they are not a substitute for treatment. (Speaking of, what do you think about Instagram as a substitute for your therapist?)  Some of these applications give mental health practitioners onboard for patients, answer queries of the patients and also provide a 24/7 hotline for severe cases. Though these digital apps act as a supplementary treatment for therapy, they are excellent support and help to the patients who fail to connect with a medical practitioner easily.

Moodpath Mental Health App

This application gives a mental health assessment of the person and helps them take the call about getting professional help. Moodpath asks you several questions about your emotional health and gives solutions for the same. It also facilitates immediate conversation with professionals and suggests exercises for managing mental health.


iPhone: 4.7 stars
Android: 4.6 stars

Use for: mood journal and in-depth statistics on mental well-being

TalkLife Mental Health App

TalkLife allows a patient to interact with fellow patients and practitioners. This mental health app has an active community and connection of thousands. As such, interacting with this caring community will bring answers and solutions for the patient. A community of more than thousands is waiting to hear, talk and help the patient less lonely. The application allows anonymity.


iPhone: 4.5 stars
Android: 4.4 stars

Use for: global peer support

Daylio Mental Health App

The Daylio can help track and handle the fluctuating mood trends and also suggest adjustments and solutions to it. The PIN-protected mental health app uses eye-catching graphics to interest the user and details their daily activities and moods. After that, the app will reveal trends and solutions to tackle your fluctuating mood.


iPhone: 4.8 stars
Android: 4.7 stars

Use for: recording mood and activities

Youper Mental Health App

This app is developed with Al assistance to handle depression. Through this app, the person can chat with an assistant or bot that would encourage to talk about the mood patterns and enlist the behavioral changes. After that, it will introduce techniques and solutions for the change and summarize the conversations into delightful insights which will give the person a better understanding of emotional health.

iPhone: 4.9 stars
Android: 4.7 stars

Use for: track mood and monitor emotional health

What’s Up? Mental Health App

This application provides many coping mechanisms for behavioral fluctuations and also suggests exercises for a calm mood. It is not only a random habit tracker, but it also helps to recognize the distorted thought patterns. One can also connect with other people on the connecting forum.

iPhone: 4.6 stars

Use for: cognitive behavioral therapy and acceptance commitment therapy

Happify Mental Health App

Gaming is always fun. One gets automatically hooked to gaming, whatever it may be. When a person is depressed, gaming is one such diversion to track the mood to another thing to forget the causes of depression. The evidence-based games and activities help develop positive psychology and help to improve the mood and build resilience for the later. Challenge yourself in the tournaments and complete them.


iPhone: 4.5 stars
Android: 3.7 stars

Use for: evidence-based solutions