What is Bitcoin so popular? How to invest in Bitcoin? How to trade Bitcoin and which are the most powerful Bitcoin trading platforms that offer a safe crypto exchange solution?

Bitcoin is the most popular crypto-currency of the century. Millions of people worldwide regularly invest in Bitcoin, and hence, it has become a rage nowadays.  If a person wants to earn a significant return amount in crypto, they can create a crypto savings account to invest in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Trading Investment Platforms

How to Invest In Bitcoin

The process of investing in Bitcoin is similar to investing money in stocks. Except that the Bitcoin investment is more volatile due to the regular swings in the value. Following are the steps to invest in stocks.

  • Create a brokerage account at a financial firm that allows crypto investments
  • Deposit the funds from the bank account to the brokerage account.
  • Buy a stock share with the deposited funds.
  • Sell the stocks later for a profit or loss.

The crucial difference in investing in Bitcoin lies in the third step, wherein the user will buy Bitcoin in place of stocks. However, the process of investing in Bitcoin may also sometimes change in regards to the platforms. On some platforms, a buyer can purchase Bitcoin with a credit card or transfer funds directly from the bank account. In some other platforms, a user should transfer Bitcoin directly. This process is known as the direct deposit of Bitcoin.

Direct Deposit Process of Bitcoin

When a person wishes to deposit Bitcoin directly, the exchange doesn’t allow Bitcoin to purchase through funds or credit cards. Then they can directly deposit Bitcoin from another exchange. Users can use the exchange’s wallet address, embed it into the source exchange and the Bitcoin amount, and then transfer it to the new exchange. The transaction process takes only a few minutes.

Most Powerful Bitcoin Trading Platforms

Some of the popular Bitcoin Trading Platforms in the market today


This is the top-rated and most used trading platform as a person can directly invest here with USD. One can purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin crypto-currency and 30+ other coins and easy tokens. Additionally, one can earn any interest rate on the USDT or achieve token rewards by completing tasks.


This is another popular trading platform where a user can easily invest in Bitcoin. This platform ensures high security and transparency process of investing. Gemini makes it a primary focus policy to protect its customers.


This Bitcoin investment platform enables a user to lend and achieve interest in the Bitcoin holdings. Additionally, one can also borrow against their Bitcoin holdings instead of selling them.


This platform gives free crypto investing trades on their platform. However, this facility is available only in few states, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.


This Bitcoin trading platform is popular in the UK and across Europe and now has initiated trading in the United States. The platform brings a multitude of digital assets for the investors to purchase and sell. eToro also has a practice trading account wherein the users can practice trading and invest before dealing with actual funds.

Bitcoin IRA

This Bitcoin trading platform is different and distinctive from others. Users here basically exchange efficient currency and are subject to regularizing and paying taxes on their gains. The platform brings the best of both a crypto wallet and a trading exchange platform.


This platform is different from others in the list in the way that it enables the users to purchase Bitcoin and cryptocurrency with a credit card, debit card, an Apple Pay account, or through bank transfer. The platform supports some of the most popular tokens.

In addition to the above, some other lesser-known Bitcoin trading platforms include Hitbtc.com, Binance, and Kraken.com. Investing in Bitcoin is easy once a person gets the hang of it. It is similar to investing in stocks. The sole difference lies in investing in Bitcoin because a person has to purchase Bitcoin, initially with deposited funds, before they can trade Bitcoin.

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