Self-esteem or self-confidence is a trait of a confident person. With high self-esteem, a person can make better decisions and explore themselves to the fullest potential. However, not everyone has the self-confidence they need.

There are instances when people go low on self-esteem and confidence in life, and it is when nothing seems inspiring and good enough to make them feel good about themselves or their lives. For such times, they can switch to applications that can boost their self-esteem efficiently. Some of these self-care apps are:

Apps To Help You Build Self Esteem

Simply Being – Self Care App

This self-care app can open up the doors to self-discovery through the mediation process. This is efficient self-esteem boosting application that allows the user to choose how long they would meditate in a day and subsequently guides trough the process. Meditation is an excellent way to increase self-confidence and helps chronically depressed patients to reduce their relapse rate by half. As such, one can opt for this app to boost their confidence.

Confidence Coach – Self Care App

Developed by two British Clinical Psychologists, this app boosts the self-esteem of a user through Cognitive-Behavior Therapy. The experts who built this app used a combination of techniques to help change a person’s mindset, the way they feel, think, and behave. Several methods aim at improving the way a person needs to think about themselves. There is also a Positive Quality Diary where the user can log their behavioral changes and traits or opt for the Confidence Commitments features to remind of their ‘to-do’ activities to boost self-esteem.

Cognitive Diary CBT – Self Care App

This self-help app promotes personal growth and development. The app teaches a person how to establish triggers and thought patterns that may lead to a negative thinking process. Once they are recognized, the app leads them to eradicate those triggers effectively. The application is also based on cognitive behavior therapy tools. It is a password-protected app so that the darkest secrets and emotions of the user stay protected.

Best Self Improvement Apps

Happier – Self Help App

Happiness always boosts the self-esteem of individuals by mindfully curating things that make them happy. The Happier app is one such make you happy tool. The application features more straightforward ways to instill happiness in their lives- like going out and being with nature or giving something to a stranger. In this app, a person can curate moments, people, images, and events that make them happy and share them with their community.

Build Confidence – Self Help App

This is another tool that uses meditation and self-improvement exercises to boost confidence. The user can plug into headphones and drift into a meditation process that would build their self-esteem through guided meditation. It would also make the person more attentive, developing concentration, and relieve them from stress and anxiety. The application has different settings, like some with more extended introductions and others aimed at helping a person to drift into a deep sleep.

ThinkUp – Self Help App

This self-care app helps build one’s self-esteem through an improvement program that motivates and brings in a positive mindset. This app also gives positive feedback and affirmations and helps reduce stress and improve a person’s sleep patterns.

Shine – Self Help App

This app sends regular motivational and encouraging text messages to the user. The person can save notes and create a self-esteem tool kit. The app also has a gratitude journal that encourages the user to think of one activity to do each day. There are also five-minute audio meditations and affirmations for boosting self-esteem.

Building self-esteem takes time and commitment. The self-care apps mentioned above would work only when they would give their dedication and dedicatedly follow the instructions and procedures.