You see the new machine on the road and plan to buy a car! But confused about comparing prices and specifications with other models? Worry not, the car buying apps of 2020 will help you out! Though the car buying process is an exciting one, it is also a tasking process. Finding the specifications, comparing prices, evaluating the technicalities as per the desired model, it takes a lot of work to filter best car buying app.

Best Car Buying Apps of 2020

With the advancement of apps, there are new car buying apps in the online market where one can check out everything about the desired car on the smartphone itself. Here, we bring to you some of the best car buying apps on the app market.

Kelley Blue Book – Best Car Buying App

This app provides detailed information about the four-wheel machine. With this application, you can check the real-time blue pricing information on any and every vehicle. You can open this app at your home or the car showroom and look for all the details of the model you want. Just type in the data of the required model and get a proper estimate about the pricing/ you can also check out the reviews of the vehicles, as well as the buyer incentive information.

Edmunds – Best Car Buying App

This tool gives you the accurate pricing of the vehicle you want. It is one of the best and accurate market pricing tool which will help you evaluate the relative price points with the car buying calculator feature. You can look for different car models, text dealers, vehicle reviews and even calculate the monthly vehicle loan repayments through this app. You can also save your searches for future references. The app includes used as well as new cars, car dealer reviews, several photo galleries and trade-in tools for an efficient car buying experience.

CARFAX – Best Car Buying App

One of the exciting features of this app is its vehicle history feature. With this feature, you can get a free vehicle history report along with each car that is listed for sale on their application. Additionally, you can also check the vehicle history reports for vehicles that are not listed for sale on the app, which will save you from investing in a car with repairs.

Car Buying Apps of 2020


Credit Karma – Buying A Car App

Investing in a car and a sub-par credit score may cost a person thousands of dollars from the higher interest rates on car loans. As such, this Credit Karma app helps the person to evaluate and understand the credit score before applying for a car loan. The application brings the person free weekly credit scores, crediting monitoring tactics and helps in improving the credit with personalized recommendations. For car buyers who evaluate credit scores and car loan related information before investing in a car, this is the perfect app.

CarMax – Buying A Car App

The CarMax app allows car buyers to look for used cars in their area, read vehicle reviews and find the nearest CarMax location. If you have a vehicle loan through CarMax, this car shopping app will allow you to access the finance information and also make payments. You will also be able to search for the CarMax inventory without any salesperson interfering in your search.

Auto Trader – Buying A Car App

The Auto Trader app helps people to look for and shop for used vehicles, get in touch with the local dealers, save search information and get detailed car specifications and reviews. One of the distinctive features of this app is that it lets you scan a VIN and find efficient and comparable models in your local area. For people looking forward to selling their car, the app also gives them the ability to earn an instant offer for cash or trade on the existing vehicle which they want to sell. – Buying A Car App

The feature that this car shopping app apart from the other car buying apps is the comparison tool lets the buyer compare up to three vehicles at one go. The app has good filter options and is handy when a buyer is deciding between two or more vehicles. There are also additional features like car reviews, dealer contact information, on-lot comparison pricing, dealer reviews as well as different selling and trade-in options.

With the smartphone and one of these apps, purchasing a car has become a piece of cake. The car buying apps eliminate the consistent pressure from the salesperson, the confusion about different cars and your decision to go for a used or a new car! Just download the app and get your new four vehicles on the block!