Books have been the food of the mind for centuries. However, with the passage of time, the ways of reading a book have changed a lot. Today, a lot of bibliophiles have partially or fully shifted to the online mode. Many of the millennials and especially among the Gen Z, now prefer to read books on their smart gadgets – be it smartphones, tablets or dedicated ebook readers. There are people who love to read books on their laptops too.

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With the changing times, more people are shifting towards online or offline reading on their smart gadgets or dedicated ebook readers.

The Voyage with Books

Keeping this new paradigm shift in mind, the expert team at Technowize presents you with 8 designated apps for book lovers. These days, more often than not people look for quality book apps which can facilitate their online or offline reading in an effortless manner. Let’s delve deeper with these book apps, which can be your cozy companion while you flip through the pages of your favorite book on your mobile or tablet. 

1. Audible: Nowadays, audio books apps are in vogue and undoubtedly Audible leads the charge. Acquired by Amazon in the recent past, it comprises a vast library of audiobooks and ebooks. On the lines of Amazon originals or Netflix Originals, you will have access to Audible Originals, which boasts of an array of offerings: sleep programs, documentaries, short stories, and podcasts by some of the leading authors of the world.

Pros – Audible is compatible with Apple Watch. Hence, you can save books directly. 

Cons – Not a free book reading app as it comes with a low monthly fee. 


Audible is a great choice if you love to listen to stories or novels while driving. [Image Credit: Audible]

 2. Apple Books: If you have an Apple device, then you can automatically access Apple Books from your iPhone or iPad. You will be glad to know that this one of the top-most apps for books, gets automatically synced with your iCloud storage, even if you are operating it from your MacBook. 

Pros – Rated as one of the best apps for book lovers, Apple Books provide you with the support for CarPlay. 

Cons – You can’t enjoy the services of Apple Books, unless and until you own an Apple device, which comes with a hefty price-tag. 

Apple Books App

Apple Books would be your best bet if you possess an iPhone or an iPad. [Image Credit: Apple Books]

3. Bookly: This happens to be an absolute rarity among the sea of apps for book lovers available online. It offers you accurate data about your reading time of a specific book aided by how many pages you have flipped through. In a nutshell, it helps you introspect if you really want to continue reading a particular book or not. 

Pros – Helps you prioritize your reading wish list, provides you with a bunch of fascinating in-app tools.  

Cons – Thanks to Bookly being more aligned to iOS, many smart features are not accessible from Android systems.

Bookly App

Bookly helps you to track your reading progress in a seamless manner. [Image Credit: Bookly]

4. Amazon Kindle: Any list of the best apps for book lovers would be incomplete for sure without having a mention of Amazon Kindle. Often dubbed as the finest among the book apps in 2022, Amazon Kindle provides you with a wide range of customization options. Moreover, you can email important documents directly to your Amazon Kindle

Pros – Thousands of classic titles are completely free – a bibliophile can’t ask for more!

Cons – Kindle Unlimited, which is projected as the biggest perk of having Amazon Kindle, has a more than decent pocket-pinch. 

Kindle App

Amazon Kindle happens to be one of the best book apps you can have at the moment. [Image Credit: Amazon Kindle]

5. Wattpad Books: Out of the many apps for book lovers out there, Wattpad Books stands on a different pedestal altogether. Writers across the globe can connect to readers directly via Wattpad Books. You can get in touch with your favorite authors and be free to share your write-ups without requiring any sort of approval from editors and publishers.

Pros – One can easily become a part of a community that supports indie authors and original works of writing. 

Cons – There are chances of facing issues related to DRM.  

Wattpad Books

Thanks to Wattpad Books you can directly connect with your favorite authors. [Image Credit: Wattpad Books]

6. Marvin 3: Among the host of book apps on offer so far as the Apple Store is concerned, Marvin 3 seems to be the best fit for your iPhone. Considering every other aspect, it appears to be even more effective than the in-built Apple Books. With this one of the top apps for books at your disposal, you can easily highlight texts, access books of less popular formats or change the fonts of a book effortlessly

Pros – A great book reading app for DRM-free books.  

Cons – Marvin 3 doesn’t appear that much exciting when we try to access it from Android devices. 

Marvin 3 Book App

Marvin 3 is a great fit for highlighting texts and making edits while you read books on your iPhone. [Image Credit: Marvin]

7. Inkitt: When it comes to getting the chance to read the most fascinating novels penned by indie authors, Inkitt becomes your perfect choice. You would be glad to know this is one of the most significant apps for book lovers, Inkitt doesn’t charge you a single buck – it’s absolutely free! Across genres, brilliant novels can be found on this platform. 

Pros – Your favorite novels can be downloaded and read offline. 

Cons – Very niche, in terms of offerings, as you can only have novels. 

Inkitt App

With Inkitt at your disposal, you can cherish some of the most engaging novels crafted by indie authors. [Image Credit: Inkitt]

8. Goodreads: For an avid book reader, having a Goodreads account is a great perk indeed. Widely recognized as one of the most celebrated apps for book lovers, Goodreads enables you to write book reviews on its platform and read reviews written by other bibliophiles, for free. In a way, this happens to be a melting pot for book lovers coming from different backgrounds. 

Pros – The ample scope to get personal recommendations and participate in book reading challenges and other related digital events. 

Cons – You can’t read actual books though. 


Thanks to Goodreads, you can write and read reviews apart from being a part of the global community of bibliophiles. [Image Credit: Goodreads]

 You can choose any of these amazing apps for book lovers, depending upon your set of priorities and personal choices. Don’t forget to take a note of the key features and weigh the pros and cons of the respective app before going ahead with the voyage. Happy reading!