In the advanced world of tech gizmos and apps for almost everything, friendship is never left behind! There are apps to make friends too. (It is hard to make friends!) You need to connect with a like-minded person, create bonding, and then become good friends. But with the help of apps listed here, you can find and connect with friends. These reliable apps help people connect and create strong friendship bonding. Let us check the applications below.

Coolest Apps to Make Friends Online

1. Bumble BFF

Have you heard of Bumble for dating? The Bumble BFF app is for friendship! You will find platonic friends here. Create a profile, add few photos, create an impressive bio, and then swipe right to the favorites to your friend list. The only difference is that there is a timer to initiate that a conversation isn’t gendered. It means that either one of the two who matches will have to make the first move before it expires.

Use for: Finding platonic friends

Platform: iOS, Android

2. Friender

Friender is a good swipe-y app to make friends online. However, the profiles on this aren’t random. When a person creates a profile on Friender and adds their interests, the app suggests potential matches for friends with people who have at least one common interest. It makes it easier for two people to start a conversation about, talk more, and meet friends with similar interests.

Use for: Common interest friends

Platform: iOS, Android, Mac

3. Hey! VINA

This app got the nickname ‘Tinder for (girl) friends’ and is designed for women to connect with female friends. Women get matches based on similar and shared activities and interests and the ‘life stage’. It means that as there are different moments in a person’s life, the friends have matched their mentality and interests accordingly.

Use for: Female friends

Platform: iOS, Android

4. Peanut

Peanut is a new friendship app created specifically for moms to meet fellow moms. The app is founded by Michelle Kennedy, who was earlier associated with the dating app Badoo before giving birth in 2013. Kennedy described the post-birth phase as terribly lonely as a new mother, which led her to a quest to look for people who understood her phase, her mentality at that time, and can relate to her quickly. Since postpartum depression is a burning issue for most new moms, it’s great to look for friends to connect with someone in a similar zone.

Use for: Mom friends

Platform: iOS, Android


The ATLETO app to make friends helps people find friends based on favorite sports and activities and encourages them to host events and meet up soon. People can connect over good sporting events and even enjoy a match or so.

Use for: Common sport interest friends

Platform: Android

6. Meetup

Meetup is a friendship app based on hobbies and interests. If a person has specific interests like gardening or love writing, Meetup will connect them with a similar interest. The person needs to enter their location and browse different events by category. They will find their friends from the app in an instant!

Use for: Similar interest friends

Platform: Android

7. Skout

Running since 2007, Skout is a good friendship app. One can connect with people from across the globe and wherever they go. It is perfect for people who travel alone and are looking for travel companions or friends to enjoy the trip and find locales there.

Use for: Global friends

Platform: iOS, Android

8. Nextdoor

This app is perfect for someone who has just moved into a new neighborhood. If you aren’t a social butterfly and find it hard to connect in the new place, use Nextdoor! Nextdoor gives each information about what’s going on in the neighborhood- events, programs, yard sales, and many more. It enables new locales to find like-minded neighbors and enjoy parties and get-togethers.

Use for: Neighbourhood friends

Platform: iOS, Android

Friendship apps are a rage nowadays, with everything going digital and friendship too taking the same track. These apps to make friends are useful to get good connections from a locality, region, country or global friends to connect and share.