Everyone wants to save money on shopping, and it is an icing on the cake if the shopper gets coupons to go with it! Here are some of the best coupon apps of 2020!

Coupons are a great way to save money on purchases. There are coupons available for different deals, be it in clothes, restaurants or groceries to name a few. Coupons not only help to save money but also there are redeem coupons and wallet coupons that provide cash-back money to the purchasers.

8 Best Coupon Apps Right Now

There are many coupon application available in the tech world which gives cash-back offers, discounts and several gifts to redeem on each purchase. Some of the best coupon apps include the following:

Ibotta – Best Coupon App

Whenever you get into a grocery store, make sure to check the Ibotta app before making a purchase. This app offers coupons on a wide range of products wherefrom you can select and purchase as per your required list. Mark the products in the Ibotta app, and buy them like you usually buy products. Once you are home, you take out the receipt from the market, open the app and redeem the coupons for those products. You scan the item barcode and the receipt, and you’ll be rewarded with a credit for the purchase. Once you have attained the limit of $20, you can cash the amount out at PayPal and get the real money back.

Ibotta best coupon apps

Grocery IQ – Grocery Coupon App

This coupon app allows you to sync your shopping list with friends and family and merge the requirements to earn more fabulous deals and offer coupons. Grocery IQ is a full-featured grocery list application where you can make a shopping list, search and view the tickets for the listed items, add the store’s loyalty card, and earn tokens. There is also a ‘favorites’ list in this app which highlights the history of the past shopping, and it lets you add items to the list by scanning one or more product barcodes or a store locator.

GroceryIQ coupon apps 2020

SnipSnap – Best Coupon App

Transform your paper coupons and store them in a digital format. Carrying around paper coupons can be a hassle, your purse is filled with bills and paper coupons which are left forgotten or expired. SnipSnap allows to snip a coupon, take its picture and digitize it to store them effectively. Once the vouchers are digitized, you can carry them to the store and redeem them just like a paper coupon. In case the tickets don’t work, you can easily input a store rating and select where to make the purchase based on the public ratings. One can also share coupons with a broader community on the app and create a communal coupon experience which would save money for all.

SnipSnap best coupon app

Coupon Sherpa – Best Coupon App

This is one of the earliest coupon apps which has a list of printable coupons the purchaser can use across various stores. There are many coupons across the categories of restaurants, regional department stores, malls and speciality retailers. The app also offers coupon codes and lucrative deals which the user can redeem.

Coupon Sherpa best coupon apps

RetailMeNot – Best Coupon App

If you come across a promo code or a coupon code online, never check out from the page before visiting RetailMeNot. The checking might earn you an offer or a good discount on the next purchase. This app facilitates savings across retail stores and chains through coupon codes listen on their website.

RetailMeNot best coupon apps

Best Coupon Apps to Save on Purchases


YipIt Coupon App

It is easy to miss out on attractive deals when you are going through a comprehensive list of coupons for shopping. YipIt solves that hassle for you, and you don’t miss any attractive deal! The app scours the websites for the best deals in that category and brings it to you. You need to log in and look for the transactions in a variety of other apps and websites. It is all in one place for deals and coupons. It is also a big coupon time-saver for every shopper.

Spent Coupon App

The distinctive feature of this app is that you can link your credit and debit cards and earn cash-back from your purchases. Whenever you use the app and credit/debit cards through the app for your purchases, the cash-back amount will start flowing into your account. The app also has purchase tracking and organization features which will help to track your past purchases.

Shopkick – Best Coupon App

In addition to getting offer coupons and deals, Shopkick also allows you to earn rewards points or ‘kicks’, both in your in-store and online purchases. Once you reach the limit of ‘kicks’, you can redeem them for a gift card of your choice across various stores.

Shopkick best coupon apps 2020

So, use the best of coupon apps and shop away to attractive deals!