Do you often forget about your period cycle? Is it hard remembering your last period date? If the answer to both the questions is yes, then you should get a period tracker app installed. Every woman should have an idea about her menstrual cycle, the last occurring date, the flow and complications if any. It is vital to keep track of the health and avoid any period issues and health concerns.

Useful & Free Period Tracker Apps

You might be concerned if the period tracking apps are accurate and reliable- they are! If you habitually update the track your period app and have a regular ovulation cycle, then these period and ovulation tracker apps are perfect for you. With the rapid development of technology and smartphones, there are many efficient period tracker apps which will help to track your period and avoid any issues. The different app has a different algorithm and working mechanism. As such, we bring you the best period tracking apps of 2020:


This application is marketed as a health app, something that educated you about your body and health. With effective tracking options and information about ovulation, periods, menstrual cramps and everything under that department, this app is the best! The interface is interactive and clean and has multiple options that you can use.

Period Tracker App

iPhone: 4.8 stars
Android: 4.8 stars

Use for: period, pms, and fertile window predictions


This is one of the most popular applications among the period tracking apps. Millions of women around the world sign up and log in to this app to follow ovulation and period symptoms and to know more about their body. The data given in this app is featured through beautiful graphs and interactive designs which attracts the user more. Flo is also a pregnancy tracker and can be used by moms-to-be.

Flo Period Tracker App

iPhone: 4.8 stars
Android: 4.8 stars

Use for: period and ovulation tracker


This fertility tracker app helps to chart and track your basal body temperature, cervical mucus and ovulation cycle. If you are not willing to get pregnant, you should be dedicated to this app. The app also gives good predictions about menstruation and fertility based on the information you feed.


iPhone: 4.9 stars
Android: 4.8 stars

Use for: period and fertile window predictions

Eve by Glow

This is one of the best fertility tracking applications. The Eve version of this app focuses on the period tracking and also helps to keep tabs on your sex life and gym habits. The interface is clean and bright with colourful and glittering graphics.

Eve Track your period app

iPhone: 4.7 stars
Android: 4.5 stars

Use for: documenting period and sex life

Magic Girl

Magic Girl is a perfect app for girls and especially teens. The app gives ample information about period, ovulation and its symptoms- everything a teen needs to know. The app also tracks the hygiene accessories options of a teen and has interactive chat options by which the teen can catch up with their girlfriends. It also reminds you to take your birth control pill!

iPhone: 5 stars
4.6 stars

Use for: for teens to track everything related to periods

Period Calendar

Period Calendar by Period Tracker's is the first leading period tracking app ranking on Google. This app, with its excellent reviews, has millions of subscribers. The app has ease of navigation and gives ample information to a woman. If you look for a period tracking app that doesn’t fuss with your mind and provides enough to store your data, the Period Calendar it is!

Period Calendar Tracker Apps 2020

iPhone: 5 stars
4.9 stars
Use for:
also track chances of pregnancy          

My Flo

This is the app apt for women who have irregular periods, period cramps, women in menopause, and woman experiencing irregular menstrual cycles; the My Flo app is the best. It not only tracks your period but also gives you vital information about your health by monitoring the symptoms you feed it. The app also provides information about various health issues and gives useful advice on lifestyle and hormonal changes.

Flo Period Tracker App

iPhone: 4.6 stars
4.8 stars
Use for:
to have better period naturally


This app allows you to bring in your partner to track your period so that he knows about your cycle and indulge in the act accordingly, knows about your mood swings, cravings and your body. The app has a safe option which you can update in a semi-discreet way without actually opening it up.

Period tracking apps are a rage nowadays. They have not only change the whole dimension of period cycle tracking but also are helpful to give additional vital information about menstruation and a woman’s overall health.


iPhone: 4.5 stars
4.5 stars

Use for: log observations linking body changes