Designing rooms can be tedious and tricky. One has to visualize the entire design and the layout to get t8. he perfect room design. However, the advancement of technology has brought a new development for designers, homeowners and interior design enthusiasts. It is the apps to design rooms. These interior design apps have beautiful layouts, textures, wallpaper designs, and many more to visualize a room and design it the way you want.

8 Exciting Apps to Design Room

Any can use the apps to design rooms; one needn’t be a professional designer and have a degree in any designing course. These interior design apps are room designing and room decorating tools that give a visualization preview of the design ideas before implementing them in the room. A superb characteristic of the apps is that they are free and don’t require any user payment.

Apps to design rooms

Today we highlight eight easy-to-use apps to design rooms that you can use anytime and anywhere. The apps have a clean and straightforward interface, and the user doesn’t need any functioning guide before using them. You can get the right décor, wallpaper layout, design color, and many more from these apps.

1. Planner 5D

The Planner 5D app is one of the most extensive free room design applications available today. One can easily design and implement décor ideas of rooms from the smallest architectural details to decorating the colored rooms. In addition to interiors, one can also design exterior elements like landscaping and pools of the compound. The app also has an extensive gallery of innovative ideas and design photos that one can use for their home.

Use for: architecture plans, floor plans, décor ideas, exterior designs

Platform: iOS, Android.

2. Roomstyler

This Roomstyle app to design rooms can be used to build a personalized floor plan or use the vast library of available room layouts. A user can insert walls, doors, and windows too from the app, along with interior finishes. The app has a clean interface and enables the user to have a 3D look at the entire room and the design. You can also move the camera around the floor plan to see the room’s multiple views and include new changes and designs into it as you view. Additionally, you can also choose the appropriate design and click on the ‘available for purchase’ option to check the price and purchasing options.

Use for: 3D planning, interior finishes, room designing

Platform: iOS  

3. Ikea Home Planner Tools

Ikea is a treasure trove of exciting design ideas and layouts. It is also a place where you can find several home furniture and décor items to include in your room designs. Now Ikea has a dedicated Home Planner Tools app to design rooms, wherein you will find these and more. The home planning tool enables the user to configure their room floor plan, select from a furniture store and estimate the price and wish list or buy it.

Use for: décor planning, interior design, room layout, furniture shop

Platform: iOS, Android 

4. Design a Room

The 3D Design a Room, an app to design room, allows a user to choose from multiple color combinations of floor plans, cabinetry, ceilings, and walls. Pick a room of your house, choose a design style and virtually decorate your room with intriguing options. The app also enables a person to learn about the design ideas and products before implementing them into the design.

Use for: room decoration, room designing, layout designs

Platform: Android

5. Homestyler

The user-friendly app to design room has easy drag-and-drop functionality and enables the user to create personalized designs and dream up varied floor plans. One can choose from a gallery of cabinetry, home appliances, furniture, and any and every décor item one can think of.

Use for: furniture décor, personalized room designs, floor mapping

Platform: iOS, Android  

6. The Home Renovator

The Home Renovator app allows a person to decorate the room and plan and estimate the pricing of the materials the person will need for the renovation process. One can select from varied insulations, drywall, paints, tiles, and flooring to include in the design plan. A person can also use the gallery’s free worksheets to measure the room space and enter the measurements. Once the information is input into the app, it will highlight the estimates of material required, pricing, and illustrated placement instructions.

Use for: floor plans, room design, renovation estimate, illustrated designs.

Platform: iOS, Android

7. Sweet Home 3D

The Sweet Home app is for people who look for varied customization options for room layouts and designs. The app has a rich collection of furniture catalogs, a home furniture list, home plans, and a home 3D view for users.

Use for: room layouts, room designs, furniture gallery

Platform: iOS

8. SmartDraw

The Smartdraw app is a collection of programs suited for visual graphics and visual presentations for room designing. A user can access project charts, floor plan timelines, marketing charts, and flowcharts and plan substantial office spaces, plush apartments, individual rooms, and elevations.

Use for: floor plans, room décor, room designs, visual representation.

Platform: Android

There are several interior design apps available out there that are meant for designing beautiful rooms and spaces. However, we feature the best eight apps to design room exclusively for you! So, check them out and turn your room into a beautiful space.