If you’re looking for popular Reddit alternatives, you’re in the right place. Here we list alternatives to Reddit which you must know.

Reddit is one of the most popular sites on the Internet where users can discover what new and trending things are happening on the Internet. Reddit is a fast and ever—updated site, with stories from the Internet, the technology sector, entertainment world, inventions, politics as well as celebrated and famous personalities are available for readers.

Let’s take a look at popular Reddit alternatives

Reddit has a vast audience, and the users can stay anonymous and take part in discussions on various topics. However, the platform is recently losing its users because of multiple reasons. For users looking for good Reddit alternatives, we list out some sites like Reddit for an enjoyable experience.

Voat Reddit Alternative

This is one of the popular alternatives to Reddit and has a similar interface to Reddit. With only a little difference like Reddit using subreddits and Voat uses subversives, and Reddit using an “r” and Voat using a “v,” others are similar. Voat is a more lenient platform than Reddit. While Reddit regularly bans hate-based content, Voat claimed that a user could post anything which is not illegal.

Quora Reddit Alternative

This is a Yahoo! Answers alternative to Reddit and is a place for intelligent conversations and information. Quora lets all users post questions and also answer them providing ideas and information on the topic/question. The user needs to select what the exciting topics and related questions and answers will feature in the site. The user can also answer the questions. Answering questions will boost the expertness of the user in the community. One can also follow fellow experts and make others follow them too.

4Chan Reddit Alternative

This is an imageboard community where users can post images on their interested boards and also comments on other people’s posts. Any user can share pictures as well as comment on their enthusiastic and favorite boards without having an account on the site. The user can also participate in discussions in the communities. 4Chan has multiple boards for almost everything. There is also an adult board where NSFW pictures, as well as content, is posted, especially for the adults. Users can post anything anonymously by any name they wish to take.

Hacker News Reddit Alternative

A simple news aggregation website, Hacker News has no flashy content or graphics. The site only features the simplest of news from the technology sector. There is a News Y Combinator channel that features news and information related to technology and IT. Its points judge the popularity of news content. Any user can vote for the news items. The post with the most points ranks at the top of the table. Also, users can submit stories by registering an account.

Reddit Alternatives 2020 You Must Know

Reddit Alternatives 2020

ProductHunt – Reddit Alternative

This site is primarily for a search for products available in the market, be it the latest tech products to the gaming tools. The website brings to its shoppers the best of everything! There is a good list of great products like website designs, mobile applications, coolest games, and many more from the tech field. Users can also create their product lists and share them across the website or to the world. One can also comment and share an opinion about a product or anything on the site.

StumbleUpon – Reddit Alternative

The website features the latest news, stories, discoveries, and related content for users or ‘stumblers.’ Users can explore the site and content and discover amazing things in it. They can You can then keep stumbling, approve/disapprove content, save a page, or even share a page with anyone.

NewsVine – Reddit Alternatives

If the latest news is your thing, then NewsVine is the best website! This is a crowd-sourced news platform where the latest news stories are available from across the world. The site also efficiently syndicates news stories from credible sources. Users regularly submit news stories to the site, which gets featured on the front page of the site and are read by millions of readers. Users can also participate in discussions with fellow users on interesting topics and share news stories.

9Gag – Reddit Alternatives

Though not a perfect competitor to Reddit, this is one of the funniest places on the Internet. The website started as a platform for users to submit internet memes and funny images just for laughs. However, it soon turned out to be a place for sharing information where users regularly post meaningful information and discussion-worthy content for all. 9Gag is the perfect site to visit if a person wants to laugh their heart out.

The websites mentioned above are popular and efficient Reddit alternatives; if you want to get innovative and exciting content, you are looking for something new, then these sites will come in handy.