Imagine you are with your friends hanging out with them at a restaurant and having your favorite meal! Proceed to end of the meal, and you are left with the most stressful math problem of the day: How to split the bill? Splitting bills with friends has been a never been issue: one needs to find out which friend has cash or card, how to break everything down, and how to calculate the tip factors.

Worry not, for such a situation- Technology is the solution! Whether it is about splitting the food bills or the rent, there’s an app for it. Here we bring you the bill splitter apps!!


This is one of the most popular application available today. It’s a free app and gives you a simple solution on how to split the bill. The app boasts of the largest number of users, which means your friends may already have it. Get everyone on the app and split pay your bill easily.  You can connect with your friend to pay via connected bank account or debit card, or send them the money request yourself.


This is the simplest of bill splitting applications! Just click a snapshot of the bill, register it in the application. You will be able to select each item that you are paying for and pay only that amount, with the tax and tip included. Your friends will be able to see it themselves!


Billr is best for managing table’s tab, specifically for groups. For groups of up to 16 people, easily list out the cost of each food item, split the shared appetizers or wine bottles, and then email/text everyone in the group their exact portion of the bill. This process also doesn’t require your friends downloading the app; you can easily share it. This application is available for iPhone users.


This app is effective to manage everything from utility bills, personal IOUs to groceries. The app handles a running total of it all, which makes it easier to know who’s turn it is to pay for the next month. One can also send reminders emails through the app. It’s free available on the App Store and Google Play.


Were you ever stuck with a high priced bill and a friend who’s skipping the bill pay? There is a solution to that situation. With the application Rentmatic, users can automate rent payments. One will pay their rent, the other roommates pay theirs, and the app will sort it all out into the property manager’s account. The application is available on the App Store and Google Play.


This app combines the benefits of Tab with the UI of Snapchat. Users can click a picture of the bill, and drag each item to the person who is responsible for paying for it. The app also portions out the tax and the tip. One can also add people into sub-groups who are paying together, making it an excellent fit for a group lunch.

Square Cash & Google Wallet

These apps are not specified to bills; they offer a simpler solution for the friend who never downloads the bill-splitting app. Just arrange the amount the friend needs to pay in real-time and email them. The email process allows the user to request a payment as well.

The bill splitting applications are an efficient way of handling scenarios when the bill comes to the table among friends. Pick one from the list and share with your friends. Splitting bills with friends have never been so easier in life, I guess!