Events are reminders to pictures! And every holiday means more time to take pictures. A fascinating aspect of images is that we can share them with a lot of people, especially on platforms like Instagram. But many of us have become really addicted to the experience, that we can’t spend an hour without checking our Instagram feeds. Any event or Instagram potential object makes the day delightful. You can delight your Instagram-addicted friend this holiday by improving his/her Instagram experience with your Christmas gift.

Most of us can’t deny attitudes like scrolling our Instagram feeds first thing in the morning and before going to bed. We are so excited about getting a number of likes that sometimes, we even delete the pictures that have failed to fetch the number of likes expected. Yes! That’s what we do!

We must accept that there’s so much fun using the #hashtags. We all love Instagram! And the fun is worth more when we can thrill our followers by spicing up our photography using a few gadgets.

Check out the list of Christmas gifts for your Instagram-addicted friends.

DJI Pocket Selfie Drone, $513.07

Showing off our selfies at different angles can be intriguing, especially at angles that are impossible to take photo shots in reality. DJI pocket selfie drone is an impressive technology built to perform this for an enhanced photography lifestyle. It is a tiny but powerful gadget which you can launch from your palm to fly around taking cool pictures of you. DJI pocket selfie drone has face recognition and gesture control technology.Meaningthat users can take automated photo shots by simply changing gestures looking at the selfie drone. The devicecan be controlled using a remote controller or Smartphone, which provides quick access to Instagram.

Hero6 GoPro, $499.99

This is the device anyone that’s Insta-obsessed need! Yes! To produce outstanding images! GoPro enables a limitless capturing of amazing and inspirational contents.It simply makes eye-catching images of any adventure with crystal clear resolution. GoPro quickly connects with Instagram through GoPro Smartphone application, and with just a few steps your images are uploaded.

LuMee Smartphone lighting case, $49.95

Smartphone lighting case is a Christmas gift that will change the life of any chronic #selfie taker. It’s like providing unlimited time for taking selfie because it allows one to take pictures anytime without minding the level oflight available. Lighting is everything as far as stunning pictures are concerned, and LuMee Smartphone lighting case is like moving around with a selfie station to grab the stunning glow anytime. Itlights up for a perfect selfie in any low-light environment, and the lighting iseasily adjusted to produce the amount of light required for the best image quality.

Smartphone add-on lens pack, $99

Upgrading the quality and style of images produced using your Smartphone will undoubtedly increase the fun for any Instagram-addicted person. The most interesting information is that the add-on lenses can actually work on anything that can take pictures. Yes! Provided the device can snap pictures, then there’s room for the enhancement.Smartphone add-on lens pack features six different lenses. They include fisheye, telephoto, super fisheye, macro, wide angle, and polarizing lenses.They can be easily attached to your phone. With the add-on lenses, you will not take selfies or group pictures in the same way again.

Socialmatic, US$299

This is one of the photography gadgets that will mean a lot in the life of every insta-obsessed person. It’s an Instagram logo-inspired device with every facility to spice up social media experience. An outing with Socialmatic means one is having a camera and photo printer in a pocket. The gadget comes with the whole Android ecosystem, a back camera for hassle-free selfies and allows instant print of 2 x 3-inch photos or stickers. Socialmatic has a flexible connectivity for internet use viaWi-Fi or Bluetooth, and a channel for quick uploads. The printing technology is ZINK; does not require ink. And the device comes with a photo editing software, which can be deployed efficiently before printing your photos. An inbuilt GPS device enablesone to tag photos based on locations.

DxO ONE, $499.99

The DxO ONE is nicknamed “photographic powerhouse.” And everyone that has used the device believes it’s the right name. It’s a photography gadget with a very bright lens and a pro-level image sensor. The deviceis plugged into the base of an iPhone to provide stunning image quality. DxO ONE is very portable to carry around and completely controlled using a Smartphone; it has no screen. Anyone that’s Instagram-addicted will find this new way of takingquality pictures very appealing.


It’s a photography gadget with a very bright lens and a pro-level image sensor.

Palette Gear, $199.99

Among all the photography gadgets, Palette gear completely stands out in the area of photo editing. Aside from being insta-obsessed, anyone would love to enjoy a very fast means of editing photos will like this gadget. The Palette gear will enable you to edit your pictures cutting off about 30% of the time spent. This will impress anyone! It comes with buttons that allow you to build a personalized controller, dials, and magnetically-connected sliders. The setup requires one to choose the function, layout, and sensitivity of each module. It helps in editing images faster with more precision and reduces strain.

Fujifilm Instax Share Printer, $225

With the Fujifilm Instax share printer, you can print images wirelessly and instantly from your Smartphone. This implies that your Instagram-addicted friend can now build his or her Instagram calendar effortlessly with prints at 800 x 600 dots (320dpi resolution).


Fujifilm Instax share printer, can print images wirelessly and instantly from the Smartphone.

Olympus Air A01 Smartphone Camera, $300

This is a 16 megapixel wireless and interchangeable-lens-style-camera built for Smartphones. It comes with an open source Software Developer’s Kit that allows users to modify and install their choice of software apps. The gadget provides strong Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for all online and other connection-required activities using your Smartphone or Tablet. It’s very portable and fully operated using wireless. This is the Christmas gift that allows your friend to take shots or video recordings from anywhere.


This is a 16 megapixel wireless and interchangeable-lens-style-camera built for Smartphones.