All love drawing, and everyone liked scribbling, if not drawing like a pro! And drawing on the go on an iPad is more interesting. But you cannot just scribble on the iPad screen, right? You would need an app to draw on iPad that will help you to create doodles, images, and sketches.

Revolutionary apps to draw on iPad

Drawing on the iPad is convenient as one can draw on the go anywhere and at any time. All one needs is the perfect application that facilitates the drawing functions. There are several applications out there in the market that are good drawing tools. the apps enable different kinds of drawing and even painting to enhance one’s sketching skills and utilize their talent.

Apps to draw on iPad

Today we bring the best apps to draw on iPad that will transform the tablet into an efficient portable art studio. The apps have many exciting features, effects, and designs to choose from and enhance your drawings more on the go.


One can draw creative with Illustrator on the iPad. The Illustrator brings in beautiful core design capabilities and new features like the image radial, grid, and mirror repeat that give the designers a high edge. Artists can transit files back and forward from the primary Illustrator software.

Use for: Creative sketches, image modification, image recreation, illustrator creator

Platform: iOS, Android


Photoshop started as an efficient image editing program and gradually upgraded to become a highly sought- after art designer tool. Over the years, its features and functioning developed and expanded and is a go-to tool for many artists today.  There are enhanced features like curves that enable the artist to tone adjustments across all channels and the Subject Select tool.

Use for: Art designing

Platform: iOS, Android, Windows

Inspire Pro

It is one of the fastest apps to draw on iPad tools and a favorite for many.  The app has 150+ brushes like the oil paint brush, airbrushes, spray paint, pencils, crayons, markers, chalk, charcoal, pastels, and paint splatters. It also has many image customizable tools for the artist to choose from. The app supports both Apple Pencil and iPad Pro, and the brushes react instantly to properly applied pressure, tilt angle, and image orientation for unlimited creativity.

Use for: Oil sketches, air spray paint, air brush painting, image orientation

Platform: iOS

Adobe Fresco

It is a newly introduced app in the world of drawing apps. The main aim of this app is to recreate traditional drawing tools and materials digitally.  The app gives a smooth drawing experience with Live Brushes and enables the artist to adapt to different drawing styles. There are drawing styles like comic illustrations, picture inking, and even chalk and painting.

Use for: Illustrations, Picture Inking, Chalk sketches, Live brushes

Platform: iOS, Windows


It is a popular app to draw on iPad for artists with a fast and responsive interface. One can create magnum and intricate artworks through this app. The app interface offers easy access sliders that enable the artist to adjust the brush size as they draw.  Procreate also has efficient color pickers with customizable swatches, art layer options, highly responsive zoom, pro smudging/blending options, and a great undo functionality.

Use for: Artworks, Colour patterns, colour pickers, customizable artworks

Platform: iOS

Affinity Designer

The Affinity Designer is a vector drawing tool with super-responsive Touch controls and Apple Pencil support. The app can support magnum multi-artboard canvases with multi-layered artworks.  It also supports both CMYK and RGB and has a full Pantone library that makes it an efficient app for digital and printed art. One can also explore different image formats like JPG, PNG, PDF, and SVG and use 100+ brushes for drawing.

Use for: Artboard canvases, multi-layer artworks, multi-format functionality

Platform: iOS, Mac, Windows

Linea Sketch

The Linea Sketch has an efficient interface and a feature set, making it a highly-sought after app. It is perfect for people who are looking for an efficient yet simple app to draw on iPad.  The app has an image blend tool, fill tool, and multiple color options for images. Artists can also use their fingers or the Apple Pencil to draw. Linea Sketch also allows recording of the drawing processes.

Use for: Brush sketching, Finger Sketching, live drawing process recording

Platform: iOS


This app enables artists to draw on the iPad in a realistic model. One can paint directly on the iPad screen or apply paint with a single tool and blend it with another. ArtRage also has a watercolor brush option for water-painting lovers. Artists will get several canvases, presets, paper options, brushes, pencils, draw crayons, rollers, and pastels choices.

Used for: Water painting, brush painting, pastel creation

Platform: iOS, Windows, Mac

The above-mentioned apps to draw on iPad are easy to use with a clean interface and multitude of features and functionalities to choose from. One can choose from several brushes, colour patterns and textures to create a stunning portrait or sketch on the iPad.