Mobile devices are not only devices for making phone calls and taking pictures, but can also share those photos and files with others. With the right apps to transfer files, one can share files from their devices to other devices and among friends.

Best Apps to Transfer Files

A lot of these apps to transfer files you don’t require carrying a data cable with you all the time. Just sync these file transfer apps with your friends, and the files will be transferred to the other device faster than ever.


This file transfer Android app has a beautiful interface and can help a person to send files effectively. The app has a full-fledged file manager to share the files from the desktop to the device and vice versa. These tools also enable the person to view photos and play music from local storage devices. To transfer files online to the phone, drag and drop the files to any folder on the device and AirDroid will beam it over the local Wi-Fi network, or a data connection and share. One can also install apps within this app by dragging an APK file into AirDroid and following the appropriate steps for installing. This app also has features like a contacts browser and a device locator.


This file transfer app is perfect for people when they don’t have access to an internet connection. With the help of Wi-Fi Direct technology, the app directly shares files between devices. Light up the app on two devices, and a person can easily trade files just by scanning an on-screen QR code or pairing them over the NFC. A distinctive feature about Superbeam is that one can push unsupported files to an iOS device, and they will be available for long to save them into the cloud storage accounts and send it to other people or share through Gmail.


The browser extension of this app lets one share links, files, and text to multiple devices at one time. If numerous friends are using this app, then the person can easily transfer files through the app. It automatically clicks the page that the person is currently browsing, so they can share an interesting article with their contacts. Pushbullet’s mobile apps allow a person to beam messages and files to friends who also use this service. However, in this version, one can send one file at a time.


Launch the Portal app on the phone, visit the app page on the desktop browser, scan the on-screen QR code, and share files immediately. You can do all this without having the transfer count against an internet plan. The app to transfer files will also save images and music into the appropriate folders on the phone. Portal is a good app for people who look for a quicker way of sharing files.

Apps To Transfer Files


With Xender, one can connect the device if it’s on the same network as the computer, or use offline mode to create a Wi-Fi hotspot when there is no internet connection. With Xender, one can view all the images, videos, music, documents, apps, and other files stored on the device by switching from one tab to another. The Xender’s desktop app lets one transfer files easily. Xender is a free app compatible both for iOS and Android and enables one to send files between devices.

BitTorrent Sync

This is a cross-platform app that lets one connect multiple mobile devices and computers to keep folders in sync across all. The app uses Public Key Architecture to identify the devices and then transfers files using the BitTorrent protocol, with 128-bit encryption. The more devices a folder is shared with, the faster its files are transferred. The app also updates only the parts of files that have been changed. Sync is a perfect app for people who care about security and keep folders in sync across devices.

BitTorrent Shoot

This is the latest cross-platform by Bittorrent and is used for transferring photos and videos. Once the person selects a bunch of pictures to share, the Shoot app generates a QR code that others can scan off the device’s screen to download them instantly. This app is a good choice if one frequently shares photos from events and gatherings with several people.


WeTransfer is apt if you need to want to unload a massive set of photos and videos all at once. This simple free app lets one upload up to 10GB in one go and sends a link to download the files through email without any login. This file transfer app is especially convenient when one needs to send files to someone remotely. Also, the app lets them email multiple recipients at once and attach a message as well. On an iOS device, the user can drag down on the photo grid screen to select a different album of images to upload, tap, and hold to preview them and double-tap to select multiple photos. If it’s an Android app, one can tap and hold to preview images and swipe with two fingers to scroll between months. The uploads are available to the recipients for up to seven days, after which they expire.


This app lets one transfer files to both friends and devices. For this, one would require creating an account before they can share files. Once that’s done, the app lets them select photos and videos to beam to their contacts using the Infinit app or to any recipient’s email address. One can also send the files to their account and retrieve them on other devices. The Infinit’s Android app lets people send different file types from their local storage using the Share menu. On the iOS device, Infinit shows up as an option for files in other apps on the share sheet. Infinit app also has a timeline that highlights all the information that is transferred and shared and notifies a user when the recipient downloads files. Though there is no limit on file sizes, a free account only lets a user store 1GB.