Whoever struggles with finding and deciding on the right colors or styles to pick when it comes to fashion in general? It’s even more difficult when purchasing online instead of in a physical store. The Amazon Virtual Shoe Try-on tool might be the solution to our problems. 

Amazon announced on Thursday the introduction of its new augmented reality shopping tool called the Virtual Shoe Try-on tool. The tool is now available for users in the United States and Canada. And it is also available for iOS devices. 

All You Need to Know About Amazon’s New Virtual Try-On Service

This doesn’t come as a surprise, as Amazon has been trying really hard to make augmented reality a lifetime achievement. The first AR shopping program was the AR View in 2017, which lets you see how different items will look in your home.

Another was the Made-For-You program that lets you see how clothes will look on you.

However, Amazon isn’t the only company chasing the VR lifestyle. Walmart launched virtual fitting room technology earlier this year in March that lets you pick your clothing by viewing it on models. 

Augmented reality shopping

Amazon has stated that not all shoe brands have this feature yet, but eventually they will. Sneaker brands like New Balance, Adidas, Reebok, Puma, Superga, Lacoste, Asies, and Saucony are among the few to have such accessibility.

What is the Virtual Try-On Service?

The Virtual Shoe Try-on service is an augmented reality shopping tool provided by Amazon that aims to assist customers in making the right choices when it comes to footwear fashion. From reports, Amazon has made its aims and goals clear to users.

“Amazon Fashion’s goal is to create innovative experiences that make shopping for fashion online easier and more delightful for customers,” said Muge Erdirik Dogan, president of Amazon Fashion, in a statement about the new feature.

“We’re excited to introduce Virtual Try-On for Shoes, so customers can try on thousands of styles from brands they know and love at their convenience, wherever they are,” Muge Erdirik Dogan, president of Amazon Fashion, said in a statement. “We look forward to listening to and learning from customer feedback as we continue to enhance the experience and expand to more brands and styles.”

Amazon has also added that, “The Virtual Try-On for Shoes experience helps you visualize how the shoes will look on your feet from every angle; however, it is not a sizing tool. Fit information on the product detail page can help you pick the perfect size.” 

AR virtual try-on shoe

How Does It Work?

The Amazon Virtual Shoe Try-on tool can be accessed by users in the United States and Canada. The AR shopping tool is also currently available for users of iOS devices. However, Amazon has stated that the feature will be coming to Android devices pretty soon. To use the augmented reality tool, you will need to have the Amazon shopping app installed on your iOS device. You can download and install the app from the App Store. After the installation, you can set up your account if you don’t already have one. Next, you can type in a particular shoe brand like Adidas or Puma. Below the product page, you will see an option “Virtual Shoe Try-on.” Click on it. Next, you will be prompted to point the camera towards your foot so you can assess the virtual shoe. You can now view how the shoe will look on your feet from different angles and what color fits you best. Amazon has also granted permission to use the tool and take a picture of the virtual shoe try-on on your feet to share with family and friends through social media.

Why Would I Want to Use This Service as a Shopper?

As a shopper, this service makes shopping and ordering much easier instead of ordering a product and ending up not happy with what you see.

Amazon also stated that, “With Virtual Try-On for Shoes, you can visualize how shoes will look on your feet from every angle before you buy, making it a fun and interactive way to shop for shoes in Amazon’s shopping app.” In addition to shoes, Amazon has said that users can also use the feature to test eyewear and T-shirts.

So, you have no need to worry with this tool as it helps to ensure that you like what you see on yourself virtually. 


The Amazon Virtual Shoe Try-on tool is a fantastic tool for buyers. However, it’s not a tool that checks for size fit, but maybe Amazon might have this in its future plans.