It seems that Amazon has planned to collaborate with SmartThings to power different home automation specifications with the Amazon Echo, a personal assistant device that is voice-powered.

According to a Google website of the SmartThings, Amazon Echo will very soon be able to power SmartThings suited devices in the home via simple shout-out. This involves non-SmartThings varieties that are plugged into a Power Outlet of SmartThings, as well as lights and switches from the company.

Recently a software development kit (SDK) has been released for Echo, which is a voice-controlled, smart speaker. The SDK is like an organized pile of blueprints for guiding the program to an outside device for working directly with Echo, this is a reason how SmartThings are jumping on board, connecting the entire home system.

Amazon Echo and SmartThings Merger

Users who own both, i.e., an echo and any of the SmartThings products will be able to command Alexa to turn on & off any devices by name, and even dim the lights around. Well, this is what the demonstration videos suggests us, which was set to be private but people cracked it open with the password titled in the name of Alexa.

There is no word of confirmation from the officials yet.

Amazon Echo first marked its debut in November 2014 with limited sets of availability for only prime members that might have signed up based on an invite. Echo is shaped up like a lean paper-tower roll, connects to Wi-Fi to fulfill your own household needs and it rests plugged into a certain power outlet.

This device listens to a command word called as ‘ALEXA’, through an always active microphone and is able to perform different Google tasks to answer queries, add materials to Amazon shopping list and it can even crack jokes.

This year in June, Echo was made available for public at a price of $179 in the United States. Just a few days later, Alexa API was revealed for letting developers to integrate with an IoT device that is voice powered.

Using the Wink Hub and other suitable devices, Amazon designed Wink to power different facilities in home.

Based on the blog that has now been pulled out from SmartThings, it looks like Amazon is planning to broaden smart home options for owners of Echo.

Here is the replica of what “now pulled out” blog stated:

We’re excited to announce that SmartThings is now compatible with Amazon Echo!

For those not familiar, Amazon Echo is an Internet-connected speaker that responds to commands and questions that you ask it. (Think of it as your tall, dark, and handsome personal assistant.)

By starting sentences with “Alexa,” you can play music, hear the news, get the forecast, and now… control your SmartThings-compatible lights, switches, and anything plugged in to the SmartThings Power Outlet.

This smart integration seems to be looking forward for a remarkable change in the IoT industry. Let’s wait and watch how far they take the initiative.