When it comes to cloud storage space, we have two very similar options like Dropbox and Google Drive. Both options are versatile and offer many advantages, but this Dropbox vs Google Drive battle takes us to a new level. 

We are now able to see what makes a difference between the two cloud storage services that are so similar yet so different. Let’s dive deep and find out more about each option. 

Dropbox Features

Dropbox is a cloud storage service that offers a lot of great possibilities. Its main purpose is to store documents for personal use, not corporate use. Because of the limited amount of space, you should use the Dropbox option with caution. It offers only 2 GB of space and you have to pay if you want to get more storage space on this platform. There is also an option to refer a friend and get an extra 500 MB of space with each invitation. 

Dropbox pricing plans start at $119.88 (annual) for 2 TB of storage space. 

Google Drive VS Dropbox cloud storage services

Synchronization and security is important for storage data.

When it comes to security, Dropbox is far way better than Google Drive. Dropbox uses a stronger version of encryption in the form of Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption. Even the official security agencies approved this encryption as the safest for keeping the files completely safe. 

If we talk about file sharing features, Dropbox has a significant advantage here. It allows you to share files with passwords and time-sensitive solutions. You can now put a password on your file and anyone with that password will be able to access the file in the selected time period. This makes Dropbox very secure and reliable when you deal with sensitive files that require advanced protection. 

Google Drive Features

Google Drive is the official file storage service developed by Google. You can use it for both personal and corporate file storage. The encryption level is lower than Dropbox’s level. Google Drive uses 128-bit encryption for data storage and this is not the safest option on the market. 

However, you can store up to 15 GB of files which is quite better than 2 GB of Doprobox’s storage space. If you want more, you should pay for the increased storage. Google Drive storage pricing comes with a $99.99 (annual) price tag for 2 TB of storage space. 

Google Drive allows you to share files in numerous ways. You can press the “Share” button under each file option and select the way that others can access the files. They can be editors, viewers, or commenters. Once you allow the file sharing, you do not have a selected time period when the others can access the files. It is one of the differences in this Dropbox vs Google Drive competition. 

If you want to sync your files, Google Drive shows some shortcomings in this area too. If you want to sync your documents, Google Drive does it at once, and if you lose your internet connection, you may lose the entire document. On the other side, Dropbox does synchronization in the shorter segments and this way, you cannot lose your work. 


We can see that pricing options for Google Drive are better than the prices for Dropbox. However, Dropbox offers better terms in all other areas. Synchronization is better, the security of the files is on a better level, and the sharing solutions are more convenient. 

We can say that Dropbox is one of the best cloud storage apps that you can use right now. Dropbox is safe, convenient, and provides more features for the average person who wants to have increased security and better privacy. Dropbox is the winner this time.