Did you know that Germany had a secret weapon that led to its dramatic victory against Argentina in the 2014 World Cup final?

At the CES 2015, Darcy Norman, a performance data analyst with the German national team spoke about how the team used Adidas’ miCoach wearable tech and software to make decisions on which player need to be put in the game.

The Adidas’ miCoach are small devices that can monitor distance, speed and heath rate of the wearer. The German national team wore them before and during the tournament so that coaches could analyze data and determine where the players need to improve in the game and where they’re exceptionally good.

The accumulated data helped head coach Joachim Löw decided to sub in Mario Götze in the 88th minute of the final game. By the 113th minute, it was clear that the decision was the right one, since Götze scored the game-winning goal.

Wearable Tech Helped Germany To Win World Cup

There were several other factors that help Germany secure its victory. However, it can be safely assumed that technology did impact it in a significant way.

Simon Drabble, Adidas director of product creation said at the CES 2015 that there‘s obviously the team’s hard work, passion, tears, swear and not just the technology.

The Adidas miCoach Smart Ball’s Bluetooth utilizes an app to sync performance data to a smartphone or a tablet. Its sensors keep a track of the player’s kick’s speed, flight path and spin.

It then sends the data to the device so that one can track the progress and see where there’s a need for improvement.

Its lithium ion polymer rechargeable battery can stand around 2000 kicks. The device is available on adidas.com for $200.

Adidas Fit Smart is designed to emulate having a personal trainer, it gives you facts and stats that one needs for motivation, efficiency and heading towards the goal. An integrated accelerometer tracks the pace, distance and stride. The Mio monitor provides an optical indication of the heart rate.

The miCoach fits smart syncs wirelessly through Bluetooth® 4.0 with the miCoach Train and Run app, helping wearer set weekly goals and customize a training routine. The workout data can be stored for up to ten hours in the miCoach before syncing with the app.

Its rechargeable lithium ion battery takes about 3 hours to charge and lasts five days, providing a seamless exercise plan. The soft-touch silicone strap is available in two offers and offers a secure and comfy fit.