We have a tendency to decorate almost everything from our interiors, our vehicles, to our own selves, and Yes…our iPhones also. Chic covers, add-on lenses, colorful cable chargers, and a variety of ear-plugs and headphones; iPhones have some really amazing options relating add-ons. Out of the huge-spread options of gadgets that you can add-on to your iPhones; below are listed three cool iPhone gadgets that you should definitely opt for in 2017.

Must Have Cool iPhone Gadgets

Insta360 Nano

Insta360 Nano is that pocket-friendly option for your iPhone which you can opt for if you are a Virtual Reality (VR) lover. Certainly, Virtual Reality (VR) is the next big thing in the world of gadgets, and owning one such VR gadget has a potential to burn holes in your pocket. Instead, take the smart route, and opt for the Insta360 Nano; which will turn your iPhone into a 360-degree camera. Now, how cool a gadget is that!

To use this cool iPhone gadget, you simply have to plug-in the camera, and download its app, as well as create an account. Insta360 Nano offers various options like 360-degree videos and images, and live streaming, etc. The Insta360 Nano is priced at about $200; which is a great deal if you don’t want to spend on the costly Virtual Reality (VR) gadgets.

Just Mobile TENC Case

A case that can heal itself on its own; Just Mobile TENC case is a transparent case for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. This cool case has bevel edges that protect the screens and buttons. With a slim and transparent design, it can protect all the sides of your iPhone.

The TENC case is 10x resistant, thanks to its abrasion resistant coating; and is almost unbreakable given its flexible material. This cool iPhone case is available in matte clear, matte black, and crystal clear. It is available on Amazon, with prices starting from about $16.94.

Casezo Case for iPhone 7

Casezo is one uber cool case for iPhone 7 that has a rail-mounted removable lens case. With the help of Casezo, you can click pictures using either of the 3 lens options it provides; such as a 2x tele lens, a 0.67 wide lens, or a 180-degree fish eye lens. Well, the best part about this case is that you can easily switch between the three lenses, as per your requirements. Additionally, you can attach it on a tripod, safely and easily.

With the 180-degree fish eye lens you can capture beautiful 180-degree pictures. While with the 2x tele lens, you can instantly create a shallow depth effect in your portrait images. Moreover, landscape, architecture, or nature lovers can click spectacular snaps; using the 0.67 wide lens of Casezo. The estimated starting price of Casezo is $76. This ultra cool case was launched by Kickstarter, and its shipping is expected to start somewhere around May 2017.

So guys, what are you waiting for? Go get one of these cool iPhone gadgets of 2017, and show-off your accessorized iPhone to your peers and colleagues.