Technology is one such field which is constantly evolving. In order to keep up with such rapid changes, one needs to update oneself as well. The tech companies which miss out on doing so lose their customer base to quite an extent. This is because nobody will spend money on outdated gadgets. Realizing that update is essential to survive in the tech market, Acer has decided to try out a trend which is gaining popularity on a rapid basis. The innovation by this company is the Acer Holo360 which is a 360-degree camera. Rumors suggest that this innovation will directly compete with the GoPro range of cameras.

It seems that Acer is trying to bring up its market value through the launch of this 360-degree camera. Due to the increasing competition, only the best in the lot are remembered. Unfortunately, Acer doesn’t hold such a position for itself. Therefore in order to get back into the game, it decided to try a hand at 360-degree cameras. This week it unveiled the Acer Holo360 at the IFA Trade Show held in Berlin. There are two cameras in this range which support LTE connection for the convenience of the user.

Acer Holo360

There are two cameras in this range which support LTE connection.

What the Acer Holo360 has in store

The Acer Holo360 is not just a camera but an all-in-one device which lets you shoot, edit, and also share spherical visuals. One can record 4K videos along with 6.9K images for a precise quality of the visuals. In the shape of a usual smartphone, it has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 mobile processor inbuilt. This gives the camera the capability to let the users stitch videos in real time. One can edit his creations on the three-inch screen itself. Now you need not rush home to edit images and share them. Do all of this on the go on your 360-degree camera itself. The software which supports instant sharing is Android Nougat.

The other camera which will be out along with the Acer Holo360 is the Vision360. This camera is mainly designed to set it up in the car. It is a combination of two cameras which capture the surroundings of the vehicle in 4K quality. In case you meet with an accident, the camera will automatically upload the captured data on the cloud to serve as evidence in future. Holo360 will be out for sale in North America by November at the price of $429. It will come with a water-resistant case. Information about the sale of Vision360 is not out yet.