Virtual reality has been around for decades. And for as long as it’s been in the public consciousness, the concept of virtual reality sex (VR Sex) has followed. As it turns out, humans are quite good at sexual extrapolation of any new technology – after all, that’s what we did with the Internet and now social media. There are untold, untapped possibilities for virtual reality to transform the way humans look at sex and kink. If you think VR Sex Toys is just a hypothetical concept, you’re probably wrong.

It’s real and it’s very much becoming an everyday part of life. VR porn is delivering on the virtual reality’s greatest promises, allowing humans far greater intimacy, personalized experienced, class-a storytelling, and virtual explorations of kink.

From a plethora of furry VR games like the Yiffalicious to the incredibly kinky Dominatrix Simulator, the medium is now opening up to newer forms of self-pleasure. Whether it is 3D VR porn that can be accessible through sites like Pornhub, or interactive adult VR games where you can customize your own sex doll. All this has boomed with the emergence of VR sex toys. While it may still take some time for this to flourish, we feel it’s unreasonable to overlook an already booming industry.

Affordable VR Sex Toys of the Year

VR Sex Toys of the Year

At CES this year, we found a plethora of booths showing off innovative, gender-inclusive adult devices. Between high-tech sex toys to adorably small devices, there are so many kinds! If you’re a little confused when shopping for sex toys, do not worry. Technowize has curated a list for your next vibe purchase.

VR Sex Toys 2020

Titan VR by KIIROO – $149 – VR Sex Toys

Take Titan VR by KIIROO, for instance. It’s the first-ever interactive vibrating stroker outfitted with touch-sensitive vibration technology, all engineered to intensify your climax. The VR neuromancer device is outfitted with nine bullet vibrators that promise to deliver fourth dimension VR porn experience. What’s so unique about KIIROO is its connectivity to other online gadgets. You can connect to your partner’s device and feel everything they do through the vibrations of your tech.

You can also give them control over speed and intensity. If you don’t have someone special, you can still enjoy the device by tuning in to its library of 4,000 VR videos. You can also order a VR helmet (compatible with most iPhone, Android and Windows phones), KIIROO Acqua Premium Water-based Intimate Lubricant, and the KOROO Pure Premium Toy Clean. How much does it cost, you ask? The stroke comes at a retail price of $200, and the rest for $149.

Crave Vesper Vibrator – $69 – VR Sex Toys

It’s not too often that we see sex toys in PG13 shapes and forms. These gadgets are often kept hidden from the prying eye – in the closets, drawers, etc. But Crave Vesper Vibrator is something different. It’s unlike anything you may have seen – it’s a slender, powerful vibrator that can also be worn as a necklace. The vibrator comes in gold, silver, and rose gold and have four different settings so you are able to choose between low, medium, high, and pulse depending on your preference.

If you’re worried about the noise, then don’t be! Crave Vesper Vibrator is completely silent. It’s waterproof and made out of body-safe materials.

And don’t you question that gadget’s capability for it comes with two strong vibration models – pulse and steady. This little gadget is strictly an external only sex toy.

Wildflower Enby Vibrator – $75 – VR Sex Toys

Enby is a gender-neutral sex toy from Wild Flower that is designed to accommodate all genders. It comes in quite an unusual shape, but is extremely versatile when it comes to its use. The toy is good for solo use. A powerful motor in the vibrator comes in three speed settings and five vibration patterns. Enby is not waterproof.

Unlike most products in the genre, the product was designed to fit any genitals and gender and thus the name ‘Enby.’ (The word ‘Enby’ is used as a shorthand for nonbinary people; ‘nonbinary’ is abbreviated to ‘nb,’ and thus pronounced ‘enby.’) The vibrator resembles a stingray, and comes in black and an aubergine color. The vibrator has super flexible wings that makes it easier to bend.

Dame Pom FlexibleVibrator – $95 – VR Sex Toys

Doesn’t this look like a cute and friendly device? It’s a pocket-sized waterproof vibrator that comes with five vibration patterns, five intensity setting, and a design that’s squishy enough to cater to a variety of erogenous zones. The toy can resonate vibrations throughout its body, but it’s at the most concentrated at the tip. As a result, you get targeted stimulation and broader stimulation in one single gadget. The gadget’s ergonomic shape also comes in handy – its button layout is pretty simple. You can feel it without even looking at the device and rapidly switch between various modes.

Pom is reminiscent of the human hand, flexible, ergonomic, and provides broad stimulation and a pointed ridge so you can customize and own your experience. The device sits in the palm of your hand, and is flexible as opposed to stiff.

Lelo Hugo Prostrate Vibrator – $186 – VR Sex Toys

Lego Hugo is a remote-controlled prostate vibrator that comes with two powerful motors, six vibrations modes, and 12 different intensity levels. We expect this from modern prostate devices – giving dual stimulation both internally and externally. The sex toy is waterproof, and comes with a pretty interesting feature – motion sensitivity. You can use Lelo Hugo’s remote control to lower or increase the intensity of the vibration. It comes in moderate size and isn’t as terrifying if you’re not to the world of sex toys.

Like all other prostate toys, you’ll need to make sure that you get your angle right. The toy is flexible enough to curl upwards as it pointing towards your torso. When it comes to cleaning, you need is some soap and warm water.