, an American digital photography company is making a phone with 9 cameras, The Washington Post reports. The camera-maker revealed the concept and operational prototype phones integrated with five to nine lenses on the back to the publication.

The company informed that its phone configuration can capture 64-megapixel shots, deliver better performance in low-light along with sophisticated depth effects. Founded in 2013, Light is a strategic partner of a leading phone manufacturer Foxconn and is recently funded by GV. The company informed that it will announce a new Smartphone with a multi-lens feature by the end of this year.

It did not open up on the financial details of the multi-lens phone. However, the Post analyzed that a phone with 9 cameras must need a powerful processor to stick all the individual clicks together. Hence, the company’s reported multi-lens phone may not arrive in an affordable price bracket.

Light developing a multi-lens phone should not come as a surprise to the tech industry. It announced a sixteen-lens camera, L16 back in 2015. The camera is priced $1,950 and configured to provide a substantial 52MP resolution. Its pocketable size which is 6.5(H) x 3.3(W) x 0.94(D) inches is another extraordinary feature to entice photographers. The image revolutionary camera reached the commercial space in 2017. Though a novel concept, L16 sales did not pick as expected.

Trend of Multi-Lens Phones

Following the Light L16 camera, it becomes obvious for Light Company to enter the mobile market with multi-lens camera technology. The Smartphone giants Apple and Samsung have already presented their version of dual-camera phones wherein the second lens enables to capture snaps having creatively blurry backgrounds.

Lately, Huawei also announced P21 Pro which includes three cameras at the back – one for color, second for monochrome clicks and a third one for 3x zoom.

Leveraging Advanced Camera Technology In Mobile

Given that every now and then, a Smartphone with smarter technology is launched at different corners of the world there is still a wide scope of improvements in it. Specifically highlighting the camera function, it is the most favorite feature while designing as well as purchasing a Smartphone.

RED, another camera maker company is also slated to release Hydrogen One, a Smartphone promising professional level photography. It is supposedly known that a holographic-ready screen is mounted on the phone and its camera could record in 2D, 3D and H4V. Integrated with a modular lens system, Hydrogen One will be available for $1,195.

Even LG is experimenting to pack 5 cameras on the upcoming flagship model, V40 reports Android Police. According to the rumored information, V40 will feature a dual front camera and triple lenses at the back.

With traditional players entering in multi-lens phone segment, let’s hope that the newcomer Light’s project – a phone with 9 cameras – does not stumble like L16.