With the urban development taking place on a rapid scale, cities are becoming densely populated which is aggravating the traffic problems as well. According to the research by Airbus Group’s urban mobility division, the population in cities will be 60% by 2030. This is 10% more than the present times. In order to help curb the inconvenience caused by the growing traffic, Airbus Group has come up with a number of innovations. The aircraft giant is busy developing three solutions to the problem of urban congestion. These solutions are mainly concerned with transportation in the sky. One of the key solutions is the Airbus flying car.

This concept is inspired by the idea of flying over traffic jams at the push of a button, created by the Airbus Group.  There was a time when traffic jams were an issue only in megacities. But now they have almost become omnipresent due to the increasing urbanization and population at such places. Also, the use of vehicles is not as meager as earlier and people who can’t afford personal vehicles prefer travelling in individual cabs.

Airbus Flying Car Prototype

All these factors are a part of the urban congestion problem and the inconvenience it causes to people. To avoid this, the company will create a prototype for a self-piloting flying car by the end of this year. This was announced on Monday by the Chief Executive Officer of the Airbus Group, Tom Enders.

Airbus Flying Car Prototype

The Airbus Flying Car prototype will be ready by the end of 2017.

Development of the Airbus flying car prototype

The Airbus Group is currently working on the production of package delivery drones, autonomous buses, and single passenger vehicle. Enders hopes that towards the end of 2017, the aircraft giant will demonstrate the Airbus flying car. He made this announcement at a technology conference held in Germany. Along with this, the company plans to test the flying car prototype which will be a single passenger vehicle. This flying car may be a part of the Urban Mobility Division, under which customers can book a vehicle through an app.

 Enders also stated that the project is in its experimentation phase, but the team is working on its development in a serious manner. The Airbus Group will later concentrate on developing technologies which will be clean and will avoid further polluting cities. Using the sky as a medium of transportation will cut down on the cost of city infrastructure planners. The government need not splurge billions on the construction of roads and bridges. The spokesperson of this company has refused on comment on the company’s investment in the Airbus flying car project.