It is a common phenomenon to witness the usage of drones in various spheres of life. The drone was used as a flying camera used to capture images as well as videos from an aerial angle. Apart from this, the drone technology is used as a mode of transportation and to deliver products at the designated address. But there is the advent of the AirSelfie, which is a drone capable of clicking pictures as per the user’s demands.

Usually, people with the necessary know-how of operating a gadget of the drone technology can use it. But the AirSelfie’s design is especially for the layman and his photographic needs. Termed as a substitute for the selfie stick, this gadget helps the user take a picture of himself or any other individual from an angle which the user desires. Whereas on the other hand, the selfie stick offers a restricted number of angles to choose from to click a certain photograph. The AirSelfie gadget is so compatible that it can fit in one’s smartphone case itself. This makes it the only portable flying camera which can integrate with a smartphone.

AirSelfie: The Drone Camera

The AirSelfie is a compatible and light device.

The AirSelfie Specs

In accordance with its visual appearance, it is not wrong to say that the AirSelfie might be the world’s smallest drone camera. It is easy to carry as it only weighs 52 grams. The overall dimensions of this gadget are 67.4 by 94.5 by 10.6 millimeters. The AirSelfie is equipped with a quad-copter mechanism, similar to other drone cameras. The interior body has four propellers installed within to avoid any injuries to the machine caused by the user. The interior body is encased by a shell which is aluminum-based; in order to provide adequate protection to the gadget without compromising on its weight.

The AirSelfie has four ‘micro brushless’ engines. These engines help the drone camera in levitating up to 20 meters above the ground level. It has a 7.4V-260mAh battery which lasts up to three minutes in the air on every battery recharge. The case of the gadget has a power bank, which recharges the gadget. On the maximum end, a person can click 6 photographs which it saves to a 4GB microSD memory card.

Airselfie to Replace Selfie Sticks

The AirSelfie gadget is easy to use and clicks photographs from various angles.

The most user-friendly drone camera

As it has a 5-megapixel camera for videography as well as photography. This serves both the purposes without the need for a separate camera for each of them. Another positive aspect of this gadget is that it is user-friendly, which appeals to its potential customers. All one has to do is synchronize it with an iOS or Android device with the help of its official app, and it is good to go. It works with the help of the WiFi through which the drone camera transfers the pictures to the connected smartphone.

The AirSelfie has three different modes of use to choose from- Selfie, Selfie Motion Control, and Flying. This provides the users with multiple controls which respond to each mode in a different manner. For better convenience of the user, the company has launched compatible cases for the smartphone models such as Huawei P9, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, iPhone 6, 7, and 7 Plus.

The AirSelfie gained popularity through the crowdfunding website Kickstarter. On booking the gadget on a pre-order basis, one can attain it at the price of $190.